Anxiety is also a Physical thing

Anxiety is not just an emotional thing itnis also physical. Over my twenty years of suffering i encountered many symptoms which I will goes...

Shortness of breath, feeling sick,twitching,difficulty swallowing,lack of appetite,excessive appetite,upset stomach,constipation,shivering,sweating,aching,headaches,tension,dry skin,dull hair, spots to name but a few. Some are because I wasnt keeping hydrated, some because I wasnt PRACTICING relaxation. So you see anxiety can affect us in many ways

Another benefit to relaxation is that we regaun rational thought and often can find a way to relieve sypmtoms such as staying hydrated or eating properly.

For want of a better phrase....dont worry xx


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8 Replies

  • And let me add to that Anxietyfree.....Be Happy :)

  • I've had alot of those symptoms but recently i have a pressure feeling in my head and it lasts all day and I'm not sure if it's anxiety or not

  • I would recommed seeing a gp just to check its not physical first. Maybe eye tests too

  • Like a tumor or something?

  • Dont catastrophise...chances are its nothing x

  • I'm 22 and i just worry a lot

  • Worrying is a habit and finding healthy wqys to break it is key..... X

  • Thank you for this post. Sometimes seeing these symptoms from someone else helps relax me as I have many physical manifestations of my anxiety like pains, aches, and even cold chills. I try to breathe my way past it all. xo

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