Anxiety when tired

Hi everyone, does anyone feel really anxious that you find it hard to sit still especially when you've had a long day? I feel this way when it's time to take a break and relax but instead I feel like I'm jumping out of my skin. Its so annoying and mind boggling. I could understand being jumpy if I haven't done anything all day. I guess it's a control issue and health anxiety, just wondering if this is common. I wonder if this thinking goes back to about 8 yrs ago when I felt really,really sleepy in church and had to leave. The mind is a wonderful thing isn't it?


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  • Lately I been feeling like if I do too much I get anxiety in the afternoon. I don't know why that's happening but when it does I run to metitate.

  • Hi HopingCat! I've started meditation and also deep breathing but I've got a lot of practicing to do. My mind is racing all the time. Riding my bicycle is relaxing to me and gardening as well. I just can't handle a fast paced life anymore it seems.

  • I think I know how you feel, I've felt that way before. It's just anxiety and stress making you feel that way. Your brain probably "forgot" how to relax. I know mine has.

    Your brain is just hyper sensitive and when it has nothing to do it will create something.

  • Hi,Andben, you're right I have forgotten how to relax I've got my elderly parents and my kids who have their own needs. We go and go without thinking of ourselves til our nerves are shot. Now I am going to put myself first so I can function properly. I got a prescription for paxil 10mg but I'm going to try just 5 mg til I can calm down. Hope it will help soon.

  • Andben thanks so much for your response btw!!

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