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college student with anxiety

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I have been struggling with anxiety most of my life, I just turned 21. Most of my episodes are from me constantly worrying about future circumstances and then sometimes Ill think about past things I've done. Then I'll worry about the situation and it'll stay on my mind for weeks. I'll become paranoid as well and this usually affects my day-to-day. It's really hard dealing with this mental condition. I feel as though because it's not cancer or a lifelong disease that people overlook mental health as if it's not important. Overthinking situations and constant worry throughout the day ruins a person mentally. I don't know anybody who shares the same problem as me. I also battle with fearing death and elevators. I overthink things all day and I am also a college student so this affects my work ethic. It's very hard going through the day having horrific thoughts.

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Hey, I'm sorry that you are going through this. Especially when you're in college because it can get really isolating to. I do want to let you know that Mental Health awareness is on the rise - it's no where where it needs to be but it's progressing. Have you looked into your campus health center? A lot of the times the campus will have on site counselors that you talk to. I work at a university and my school does have free counseling sessions for its students and it promises to keep a student's info in confidentiality. Not even a parent can call up and ask if their child has been in, if that is something you are worried about. You're not alone in this and there are resources you can turn to for help. Hang in there!

(btw I definitely understand your fear of elevators. I hate them too!)

Your not alone. I was the same the same way. I am a lot better now. I take medicine. But for along time I thought it was just me. You really should listen to LibraryLove and see if your school has some form of help for you. Don’t be scared. 🙏

Hi Smartistamermaid, It sounds like you are dealing with so much, and on top of being a college student. Your not alone with your mental health issues. It is such a overlooked disease, but I think more and more people are starting to talk about and bring attention to it. I really liked what LibraryLove suggested about seeking counseling and some help through your college. I don’t know to much about it, but I know from some of my friends that they were able to get help and feel a whole lot better. Would that be something you would be open to looking into?

Hello smartistamermaid. My son suffers from mental illness and also struggled in college. It is hard enough getting through college without the mental illness, but my son did and you will too. Do check out the college counseling on campus. It was very beneficial for my son and enabled him to get through school.Try shelving things in your mind when you start to overthink things. Mentally decide to put the matter away on a shelf in a mental closet and deal with it at a better time. Stay connected to family and friends for emotional support. Sending lots of positive energy.

Hey there! I am suffering from the exact same thing. Like, to the T. I also am 21 and in college and I am beginning to have all these crazy irrational thoughts about my future/past.

I am much better at telling people how to feel than I am at actually taking my own advice BUT what I can tell you is - it will get better. I promise, everyone that has gone through something similar has said that. I know it's annoying to hear, but I think at our age everything is just a mess! We are so busy and life is so hectic ALL OF THE TIME. I notice my anxiety heightened on days of the week where I am really busy/stressed.

While talking to my boyfriend who has struggled with anxiety for all of his life, he brought up a good point...It might not go away, but once you learn to cope with it and deal with it things will get better.

I hope they do for you, college isn't supposed to be like this. Keep going though! I would suggest counseling and talking to your roommates or friends about it (I held mine in for a while and MAN did it feel good to finally say it outloud to them).

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