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Hi everyone I've not been to good since Friday.I found a large swelling under right side of my tongue on the floor of my mouth.went to dentist on sat and he did xray ( no stones in glands) he said swelling is palatable and he couldn't feel it attached to anything.but he needs to refer me to a Max-Fax specialist he gave me a copy of letter he was sending him.please investigate Submandibular gland on right side it gotten now awaiting for appointment to come my anxiety has resurfaced and I'm feeling pretty rotten ! As many of us know when feeling anxious we fear the worst !!!! I'm really trying to keep positive and trying to keep calm but I'm really struggling,part of me wants to hurry up and go to get it sorted out ! The other half of me is saying Do I want to know ? And help would be appreciated thank you.

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