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MRI - So worried


Its me again! I am having an awful time right now...

I had an MRI on Monday, went fine had a little panic before and after I just needed to sleep out of relief that I had it done... The issue now is my results... I stupidly phoned the MRI department and asked to see whether they had any information, they said no. I then asked the stupid question of if it was anything really serious would I know by now and he said its unlikely I would!!!!! I would just have to wait for the report...

I started to relax a little bit as I hadn't heard anything but obviously this isn't the case :(

So now I keep having dizzy zaps, my eyes keep going funny and I just feel awful :(

I don't know what to do, I can't handle feeling like this whilst waiting for my results...

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Anything with tests and the nhs is no news is good news. Try to do something that distracts you.

Take care xx

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I can totally understand you fear , i get like this just waiting for blood test results !!!

I went for a breast screening & the lady that did it said even though she was no expert , it looked fine to her & it was

I think maybe you got a funny one today , because I do believe they have a quick look , just like she did & as long as nothing jumps out at them , they just put it in the pile , with the rest

I no its easy for me to say , but I bet all will be fine

The feelings you are getting is you anxiety & once you get those results , I bet they are not half as bad

Keep posting if it helps :)




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Hi Fedup

I had MRI a couple of weeks ago I asked at the time when I would know same as you and got a similar answer. When I was going out I said it to receptionist she said in her experience that if they spot something that needs attention they let your doctor know as soon as they can. Not sure if this is the case but it does make sense. Mine came back fine so try not to worry too much but having been there I know that's easier said then done. Good wishes being sent your way x

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Thank you for your replies... I had and mri 6 months ago which came back fine apart from a cyst which apparently is nothing :) I'm hoping nothing drastic has changed.... I think the issue is That people wouldn't normally ask that question, they just get on with it... Shame I'm not that person!

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Hi All,

I have an update and I literally feel like I am about to breakdown...

I phoned the Neurosurgeons secretary up and they have my results.. Now she wouldn't give them to me over the phone but my follow up appointment wasn't until December so shes moved that to a week today now. First of all its worried me that they have moved the results forward. Secondly she went very quiet on the phone and didn't say much, this has also worried me...

I have called my doctors up and asked if they can ask for the results as I just can't wait.. Its scared me so much!!

Any advice please?


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