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As you know the Dr prescribed propanolol for anxiety and panic attacks. I'm just not convinced my heart is ok though. I can be really calm and my chest still hurts. Also it hurts my chest to bend over. I just don't see how that's anxiety related. Also I never suffered palpitations until I got a viral infection. That was the whole reason I googled my symptoms in the first place. NOT because I was feeling anxious. I feel like the drs aren't listening to me.

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Jane, remember that anxiety is very good at mimicking physical illness and it can cause tension in the muscles in the chest which can be mistaken fir heart pain. Palpitations are almost always due to anxiety, I've had short episodes twice this year always related to anxious occasions.

Maybe you should go back to your doctor and ask for a test to reassure you that your heart is o.k. which I'm sure it is. That's if you haven't had an ECG or other test recently.

You see, if your nerves are sensitive they can produce the muscular tension without you feeling anxious at that particular moment. I'd take the propanolol just to see if it helps but give it a fair go, don't set your mind against it before taking the first tablet.

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Jane3285 in reply to Jeff1943

Thankyou for replying. I've actually had 4 ECGs a blood test and my heart listened to. I guess deep down I know anxiety can mimic so much but my mind is telling me otherwise. I am Just fed up of worrying all the time

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jessiejakes in reply to Jane3285

Hi jane3285 if you have been checked over and told everything is fine,tell yourself its all anxiety ,it can cause so many things palpitations is what made me rush of to the doctors years ago ,I to could not belive it was anxiety.!!! But when it kept happening I returned to Dr and said its happening when I'm not stressed or anxious.long story short I had 7 day monitor and it did pick up paramoxal fibrillation ( this means every now and then my heart speeds up ) was put on Bisoprolol 1.25 mg tablet per day.that was 7 years ago and it really helps ,but if I get supper anxious my palpitations start up.but I just tell myself to calm down and they then settle.or I take 1 x 2 mg diazepam if its not settling.so don't worry they would do other checks if they were worried.yours sounds like anxiety and it will get better.

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Jane3285 in reply to jessiejakes

I am considering buying one of them monitors for peace of mind. Damn I've even considered going private just to get a scan of the heart. I'm on Propanolol which seems to be helping so far. I just hate I never used to be this bad. I've always had anxiety but the panic attacks and chest pains are fairly recent 😔

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jessiejakes in reply to Jane3285

When my anxiety was bad last year ( lost my mum ) every day I had severe anxiety thought I would go mad ! Couldn't eat or sleep the list goes on.....but I went to see Dr who suggested I try CBT treatment had to wait 18 weeks but it was great.it teaches you how anxiety can cause chest pain sickness palpitations etc etc.our minds start to concentrate on say our heart which in turn starts beating like mad or our stomachs feels full even if we haven't eaten.so it shows the pattern of anxiety. And they teach you to not fear it just let it come and work through it.Dr Claire weeks self help for your nerves is a excellent book to read.but I feel back to my old self now.I still get the odd day or two where my anxiety comes back .but I no longer fear it.I just say toyself it will pass .

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Jeff1943 in reply to Jane3285

Won't going private just produce the same result which you will also disbelieve, the only difference being you"ve paid for the opportunity to believe that you know better than doctors who went to medical school for 5 years.

Jane, you need to understand why we get anxiety, just how good it is at mimicking real illness, how you can recover by doing the opposite of what you're doing now to free yourself.

You need to read Doctor Claire Weekes' book 'Self help for your nerves' availably for a few quid on Amazon. Evertything starts to get better from there on.

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Jane3285 in reply to Jeff1943

Yes I guess you are right and I have to try stop worrying. Ah I have heard of claire weekes. Will look into purchasing her book. Thankyou

Obviously your doctor has a good reason then to know your heart is good. Anxiety is like Satan that sits on your shoulder taunting you.

You could even request a 24 hour halter monitor. That will give it a chance to read it while it’s happening. Trust your doctor. I’m not sure you can buy and ecg machine. If so you would have to be trained in reading cardiac strips. There are pulse apps on phones but many aren’t accurate and in my opinion cause more stress. Try to distract your mind as much as possible. Take a walk, clean, turn on Music and dance, exercise, read, play games Etc. All of which have helped me. I learned cardiac strip reading in nursing school and still took a separate very detailed class on it. Your doctor would know!

If you are concerned go to the emergency room. Bending over possibly sounds like pulled muscle etc but I have experienced that feeling often. Have they done any cardiac testing? My mom is constantly telling me when I call her, “what’s going on? What’s causing you anxiety?” I tell her I feel okay today but she says anxiety is my normal and that I only truly notice when I am in panic mode. There are too many unknowns for me to tell you it’s not cardiac but those signs are not only cardiac but anxiety as well. Anxiety is tricky because as if we’re not already anxious enough the symptoms can also mimic cardiac, gastro and stroke symptoms. Along with many others. Anxiety affects literally every body system you have from skin, neurological, cardiac, intestinal/digestion etc The key is trying to distinguish these symptoms from anxiety to something more serious. It takes experience Anxiety will also fill your mind with evil, negative, doubtful thoughts. It seems as if your doctor had any possible reason to believe you had cardiac problems he would not be able to not test further it is dangerous with a high liability. Focus on relaxation techniques also if it is not consistent that may make someone lean towards anxiety it’s better to be safe than sorry with cardiac symptoms but it sounds like your doctor can tell you are safe on the squad if you presented with those symptoms I would have to transport you. The doctor must have a reason. It’s your body and you should feel comfortable although anxiety rarely allows that. Ask him to explain his reasoning to help you feel comfortable . I hope you find some comfort

Thankyou for your reply. I try to find distractions. I am not good at the minute. I have just been sick through panicking. I feel my dr is becoming annoyed with me. Yes I agree the 24 hour ECG probably isn't the best idea. I've had 4 ECG, a blood test, my heart listened to and blood pressure checked. All came back normal.

I think the 24 hour monitor could be a great idea. So sorry if I messed up on that. Then their is more of an opportunity to see a strip while it is happening. You can’t but it is sent to your doctor. If so make a note each time it happens and for how long so when you go for follow up you can have them double check those specific times. That’s could to do anyway. Note symptoms, time and duration. I keep notes for my doctor. If not my anxiety can cause me to forget. Just don’t obsess over it. Write it down and close the book.

I thought buying your own machine for home use if even possible was a bad idea. Sorry for the misunderstanding but try to trust your doctor. He knows. Through the testing etc.

Read Anxiety Panicking about Panic by Justin Fletcher a great book about the physical symptoms of anxiety x

I too have chest pain all the time and have been told on many occasions that my heart is fine. I take propranolol but I take it for high blood pressure,but the doc said it's for anxiety also. Feel free to message anytime.

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Jane3285 in reply to Ajrea2

Thankyou. Well I don't know what happened last night but I took my propanolol like usual and ended up in a panic . Except this time I didn't get the palpitations. I was still sick though 😕 I hope this doesn't mean it isn't working

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hac82 in reply to Jane3285

Propranolol stops your heart from Racing it doesn’t stop your mind from The anxious thoughts or the other symptoms such as feeling sick. it just stops the racing heart it keeps your heart a steady rhythm. Maybe you also need anti depressants to help calm Your thoughts.

I've basically had to do my own research on them. The dr just said here take these and sent me on my way with the prescription. Also when I told him all my symptoms. His words to me were "So what do you want me to do about it" I will not be seeing him again that's for sure.

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