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I am unsure

I just am Not sure anymore. I'm here in body but not mind...I wake up, go to work, go home shower and then go to bed. I recently started a new job where make more money,but I am farther behind than I was before...late with rent, gas Andy hydrogot shut off yesterday. Literally moon the dark. All I can think of is will my life insurance take care of my bills? I'm looking up ways to just end it. I am scared. What do I do? There is no one to help me other than with a pat on the back saying everything will be ok..but is it? I am angry at myself for not seeing this beforehand.

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Hi lisa197 please don't contemplate doing anything silly ! This can be sorted out ! Ring the samaratins or go to your nearest hospital ! And tell them how you are feeling not give up you can and will get the help you need .do it now go to hospital.

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Don't give up on yourself! It seems like the best idea... But its not. There is some kind of happiness and fun out there for ya, you have to find it ☺💚 life can seem pretty repetitious (same shit, different day) Its up to you to try and change it. Find something that you might like to do. Do something different to spark up your life. Don't worry to much about your bills, you will get it sorted. I've had my water turned off a few times because I didn't have money to pay the bill, but I took care of it. Sometimes life will really try to get us down... Its up to us to not let it ☺ rise above the bullshit. You'll be alright ☺


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