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Visual heart beat in chest and stomach

So I made the stupid mistake of googling another symptoms. I can see my chest and stomach move in correlation with my heart beat. And now I've convinced myself I have an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Please say this is normal to see my heart beat in chest and stomach. My anxiety is back again after a weekend of drink. Sunday had a few beers and now I'm straight back worrying about heart. Why is this :(

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Sandy1710, sorry I got caught up with other messages. I am sorry that Google might have mislead you and cause you more worry. Yes it is common for the heart beat to be felt and seen in the chest and abdomen. My daughter is like that. The less weight you are, the more it can be seen and felt. Please try not to worry. It's your mind getting away from you.


I'm pretty fat! I'm 5"10 and weigh like 13stone!


I promise you, this is normal under anxiety issues. I went through this for days until I got myself calmed. Even now it comes back when I start thinking and letting stress back in

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sandy. i had and still have this if i overeat or eat foods that cause heart burn. not sure when you experience this. not sure how badly you are feeling the heartbeat. i have read about aorta issues. if you are young i doubt its aorta. best is to find a doctor who will listen to you and not think you are imaging things. i m looking for a doctor who will listen. the doctor i have thinks every symptom i complain about is created in my head. in other works he thinks im a looney. i hate him and am looking for a compassionate dr. in conclusion dont look up anymore on dr google just go to a dr to ease your mind otherwise you will keep having tremendous anxiety.


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