Burning chest/ stomach pain

Hi everyone, so I've had a okay couple of days but today is insane ! I have this burning pain in my chest / stomach area, I don't know if its due to my menstraul cycle or if its acid reflux! But since I have anxiety my mind is on heart related issues! (Sighs) When I lay down it still bothers me if I'm up it bothers me now my mind is all over the place! Should I go to the ER ? Or have anyone else had this problem? The only meds I take are BP meds and lortabs for pain

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  • I have the burning in my chest especially when I try to sleep. Also at times during the day. It's insane. I have read that a symptom of anxiety is burning chest.

  • Hi,

    Hope all is well. Unfortunately it is a symptom of anxiety and panic. When you have an anxiety attack your adrenalin rushes around your body. This is for the flight or fight response. This then takes all the blood and pump's it to your vital organs. As your blood is depleted from your stomach it causes cramps and burning. Your heart beat's faster and is ready for action.

    Hope this helps

    Take care

  • I have constant left side burning chest pain that goes to my shoulder as well. Sometimes i get this stabbing pain then it shoots through my arm to my fingers feels like electric shocks. The burning chest pain thats the worst

  • That's what happened to me today antianxiety ! It was the worst crap I ever felt! What doesn't anxiety cause lol

  • I have been through all the testing from heart, to colon scope to blood tests, arthiritis, acid reflux, i am declared a very healthy person so thats narrowed down to anxiety. I went through all this in 2013. I have learned to cope best i know and by faith in God. I am a very happy person its just the terrible physical constant body pains. I am thinking that maybe its more fibromyalgia or anxiety has caused it?

  • Thank u for the info

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