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Low heart beat

Hi all! My resting heart rate has always been in the 70's but all this week its been between 54 and 60...which is pretty low. My anxiety makes me have bad chest pains and i feel like I can't breathe. I have basically the symptoms of a heart attack but it isnt one. Ive had many ekgs done, had a heart echo, and gone to the emergency room twice and all the doctors have said I'm fine. I'm really worried of my low heart rate and I'm afraid to see a doctor because they'll probably say I'm fine. Can anyone help me out here? Much appreciated!

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I wouldn't worry, when my anxiety first started my resting was always between 75 and 90 and went upto 130 when standing, previous to my anxiety I always had a resting rate of 60 anyway I got all the heart checks and was told I am fine. My anxiety has calmed down over the last few months and my resting is back to 60 and sometimes at night it's as low as 50 when laying in bed I worried about this at first but since my anxiety is better it makes sense. Have you had a better weeks this week?


My anxiety has seemed to be under control up until this week. On Monday all of a sudden my chest hurt, I had trouble breathing, my heart rate was low (when normally it sped up while this used to happen), and my left arm, back, and jaw hurt. Typical attack for me but the heart rate thing scared me cause I've never had a resting heart rate this low before. 


Hi... You have the heart rate of an athlete.  It's within good range.  Having that

heart rate makes your heart work less, that's what you want.   


I mean I'm kind of active, but I don't consider myself the athlete type to have that kind of heart. I guess that's why worry more now is because of that.


Hi again,  What I meant by a low pulse being healthier than a fast one.

Before I was put on medication for my heart, my pulse was fast.  It makes the heart work harder and the heart gets enlarged.  Whether your pulse is lower by medication or normally, it is better for you.

Are you on anything at all?  


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