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I've been feeling worried that I am severely ill and have been to doctors and they told me it was a side affect to antibiotics but after that I've been feeling them again and I'm starting to worry I constantly feel sick, I've got migraine type feeling in my head and I keep getting constant muscle cramps and palpitations is this to do with anxiety or an underlying issue

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I know how it feels. I have stomach problems and I have had ultrasound in my pelvis area, blood work, and abdominal/pelvic cat scan and everything is normal. My doctor saw me last week and is convinced I have health anxiety but why does my stomach still bother me. everyone says my anxiety/stress goes to my gut but I can honestly say I don't know if that is true.

so I get it! But remember anxiety does a lot to your body I mean a lot!


Hi youl probably find it's your anxiety causing it. The problem with worrying is it causes so many unpleasant symptoms. It helps if you can find ways to relax and switch off such as using meditation!! It's a great control tool for anxiety. It takes practice but is well worth it.


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