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Bad anxiety

Hi all

I've suffered with anxiety for 1 and half years now.

I was stressy and little worrier previously

But things have become worse


I often fear I will faint, actually y everyday I never feel purely me, clear minded or relaxed.

I get heart palpitation, head band feeling, tingle tingling left foot.foot, some times sickness, dizzyness, nausea. So on.

Iv seven many doctors, I have a ENT in march. I've already had a ecg which was fine.

I am writing today cause I was at work felt ok then almost fainted and am still not feeling good, fear of almost fainting.

I knew I was close cause I got tunnel vision but managed to calm enough not to

Over react. Learning from previously times.

I fear am unlucky I fear that I may just drop down and die. I hate that I can't be thr normally person I used to be. Feeling.g dizzy everyday, I am exhausted and scared summit might happen to me that has been found yet

With any advice you have.

I would greatly appreciate it

Thank you


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I felt that exact same way yesterday. I was in Best Buy and suddenly felt like I was gonna pass out, but I read that's very common in anxiety. Sometimes characterized as a panic attack. Either way, I have most definitely had that and it sucks. Its due to hyper or hypo ventilation, which you can do on a subconscious level and not even realize it. I used to have dizzy spells. I haven't had them in awhile, but like I said, the other day my body felt really heavy and I kept thinking the worst but nothing bad happened.


Thanks for the reply

I felt pretty light headed if am honest.

I suffer with dizzyness often but not almost about to pass out.

I still feel anxious now.I mean it can't be life threatening if am still here.

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Yeah I tell myself that too. It's like, I've felt as if I were dying for six months and I haven't yet, so....

I'm still anxious too. I'm fighting a cold and need sleep but when I lie down, I get really panicked and worried and it is almost five am!


My councilor gave me a example like this, check your clock every hour see where you are and that your still here. I tend to every often do that. I've fainted fair few times in the past, twice being sick luckily had someone there when it happened. I haven't fainted for nearly two years.

I don't know how to be strong with it.

Thank you for the support


That's a good idea. I don't particularly have a fear of death, but a root fear of mine is loss of control so I have a large fear of being sick which is the culprit in inducing all my anxiety attacks.


Really. It's,incredible what can cause it.

I still feel rubbish. Feel pretty sick tbh to.

How long have you suffered.


Six months. You??


Year and a half. It happened suddenly.

Am still feeling unwell now after the incident at 9am.


I feel pretty unwell right now. I hate anxiety so much.


What do you do to calm down


This is just like me everyday. Anxiety feeds off the fear you already have of fainting & your brain keeps recreating this feeling because it's constantly in the back of your mind. Thats my theory atleast with my list of symptoms. I always joke to myself that if anxiety were going to kill me it would have happened by now, & at the end of the day how bad is death really. Just like we came into this world it is a natural thing that at the end of the day we won't remember and leads to nothing but eternal happiness. We just have to make the most of the time we have on solid ground. Best of luck x


I really do agree with what your saying.

It is a fear, it's also soul destroying having to live with it everyday.

I don't know how to conquer the fear.

But you theory I do agree with.

Thank you

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I have the same feeling Kayleigh....I feel angious today and light headed....alittle upset stomach but thats aniexty plus i had a coffee this you drink coffee because i find when i have one i get aniexty so i think i will cut out for awhile....i have a doc app tomorrow and thas all i think about its the aniexty that says what if all the time....i know when i go i will have aniexty and be light headed that same feeling you have like something is going to happen and i have no are surely not alone where do you live and how old are you....i have had aniexty now for 13 yrs im 48 and it all started when i found out my husband had an affair


13 years wow. Sorry to hear that.

I do hope that I can some how beat it and not have to live with for long.

Am in Kent area, am 27.

Iv saw a councillor around 2years ago little longer, late bereavement from loosing my dad and grandad when I was 18.

But things have just gotten worse.

Iv always had a fear of dying and being unlucky, I think those combined has just expanded beyond control


Am glad I've join thus group there's so many kind people out there.


Where is from ontario canada and yes this site is great makes you feel alot better knowing you are not alone


South east, right by a place called dover.

It's so upsetting how it's so life changing :( having anxiety


south east so your not in ontario and yes it changing your day to day living very much im tired of it....little every ache and pain i think the worst all the time and that brings on my stress and aniexty level very high


Oh no lol

England :)

Yeah it's horrible.

Think am gonna go for weekly ccounciling. As once a month isn't going to work

Really need to fight this battle. Before it fully takes my happiness away.

Have a good sleep

Message back when ever you can


Omg I know this is old but let me tell you how strangely I'm happy I found this site , I have been suffering from aniexty for 6 months && this month it had got unbearable I had a panic attack heart racing , shallow breathing , numbness , headaches so on in so on I went to the emergency room 3 times back to back too be told I'm FINE !!! Omg my thoughts are running crazy feel like I'm going to die everyday sorry I'm I have too stop writing feel like another panic attack is coming please Help!!! 


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