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arrhythmia is symptom of anxiety too ?

Hi, i wrote already a few of post here about my anxiety troubles.

Yesterday i went again on emergency.. this time again some different symptoms.

I had many times the fast beating, but always it was like in the rhythm. Yesterday my heart jumped, then started to beat very fast. I tried to calm myself, saying is again panic attack. But it repeated few times. The heart calmed down on 70 then again the speed jumped on 140. Even in calm when the rate was 70 i felt that it is not the right rhythm. It was like bum bum bum.. bumbumbumbum... bum bum bum etc.

I called ambulance when the heart for 3rd jumped and beated fast. I was again terrible scared. They came, and they could see on the monitor that even in the calm the heart was beating faster, slower, faster, slower. They took me to hospital. I got ecg again, some blood tests. It came up again good. But the heart still after the few hours of waiting in the hospital beat like some arrhythmia. The doctor almost did not talk with me.. he said, you have anxiety, is from anxiety. I asked him but what the heart beating, is not regular. He did not answer anything on it. Checked my pulse, said, yes, is not regular .. but tests are good, you can go home.

Well.. of course this caused another anxiety feelings, as the heart still today does not beat regular.. as it did all the time before.. Really can anxiety cause some kind of arrhythmia that in on minute it changes the speed a few of times and is not dangerous ?

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Marci-------------what a RUDE idiotic Dr. you had at the ER !!! you DO know if you are not happy w the Dr. at an ER you just say you want another Dr., or Physicians's Assistant.

Marci, have you read about anxiety and panic disorders? seems like you haven't... please DO it !! you will find it is very normal that your heart beats quite fast during a panic/anxiety is because you/we are beginning to hyperventilate. grab a brown paper bag, stick your nose and mouth in it and breathe !!! that will slow your heart rate down very quickly !

NEVER go to that Quack Dr. again, anxiety is very real to those of us who have it ... if he has no bedside manner to calm you w his voice, tell him you want another Dr... ""preferably"" one who has bedside manner !!! lots of luck ~ ~

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Hi, thank you for your answer.

I know about fast heart beating, this i have always.. but i never had this weird arrhythmia... usually it beats fast some time and then it calmed down.. now it was even after i was already totally calm like few normal beats, few fast beats, few normal beats, few fast... i have it still today and today i had fortunately very calm day.. the heart beating is not regular.. it changes few time in minute the speed.. that is why im again worried..

But thank you for the advice with the paper bag, i did not know it can calm down the fast beating, i for sure will try. thank you :)


Hi Marci76

If you really think you have heart arrhythmia you should read more on Atrial Fibrillation (afib or AF) or Atrial Flutter.

I have had Atrial Fibrillation and panic attacks, and with both my heart raced like mad, but with Afib it usually stays for longer but not always.

So it may happen that you have lone or paroxysmal afib and it stops and starts on its own.

Luckily it is treatable and not life threatening if treated.

I think you should write down when you get it for how long, your pulse rate, before or after you have eaten or drank alcohol, how long it lasts.

Then go to a doctor and ask as many questions as possible that you have written down.

Also google "ectopic heartbeats", which is harmless, but feels strange, and many of us get but may not even know it.

With all this said it can also still be panic attacks.


thank you very much for your answer.. i have sometime the ectopic hearbeats.. but did not hear about the afib so go to check it. Thank you :)

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