Cancer Anxiety

Recently, I have been having a lot of anxiety about my health. First, my heart was beating fast and I thought I was going to have a heart attack or I had a heart tumor. Then, I got concerned about my breathing and thought I had a lung tumor. Lastly, I thought I was forgetting things and that I had a brain tumor. Can you see that pattern? Try as I might to stay positive, my anxiety keeps coming back. So, I am looking for some breathing techniques to help myself calm down, relax and enjoy my life.



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  • Sorry I didn't want the tags to be that. I'm new!

  • This is literally the exact same to me!!

  • Really? I feel kind of alone when it comes to this topic.

  • Mine started with heart palpitations and chest pains so I thought I was having a heart attack then I had a head ache so all of a sudden it was a brain tumour now my anxiety I focused on breast and ovarian cancers 😞

  • mines breast cancer at the moment what triggered anxiety about breast cancer. I have chest wall pain caused by inflamation in the ribs. Ive got tingling there today and been checked a number of timrs and cant get it out of my head. X

  • I also have costacondritus, not sure how to spell it but that's chest wall pain and I always think it's pain in my breasts! X

  • oh my yes thats what i have also and started my breast cancer anxiety too. Im not sure how you spell it either. I always think its coming from breast area too and because ots in the right side and people say its more common in the left. Well hope finding someone who has the and thinks the same puts your mind at rest a bit. Always here to chat if you need to.

  • Thanks you, you too!

  • This is what i have got its so painful :/ no matter how many times the dr says its chest wall pain and inflamtion my brain doesnt accept it :/

  • Hi gemma, i myself have inflamation of the chest wall (painful &scary) i got this due to over doing it when i had my third daughter, had a few ecgs all clear but still when i even do small things my chest hurts so much which then sends my anxiety through the roof thinking im having a heart attack, everyday if i get a twinge or a pain in my body i think the worse and im exhausted and the worse thing is im to scared to even try medication in the fear of something will happen :(

  • its awful. When i found out and went to urgent care they felt my under arm and breast to rule out any lumps and i was fine with that and accepted it was inflammation of the ribs. All that weekend i was fine just got on and did take the med the suggested to me. Monday came and i dont get on with my mother infact we havent spoke for two years since my dad died nearly 4 years ago. So ive lost a lot of family in one go through cutting ties with them. Anyways she sent my husband and awful message through facebook. It was the end of the message that got me when it read ive been told not to worry so i wont. She goes to a lot of mediums and spiritual churchs. So imedietly thought she means not to worry because im going soon and because the chest pain was there it meant breast cancer. So my anxiety kicked in straight away full force and it didnt go. Ive had 4 trips to drs and hospital in the 5 weeks and all said inflammattion. I made a point the last time not to go back to the drs after my last breast check and got some meds because i knew without a little help i could get this anxiety under control. I feel so angry at my mother because i was fine before her message and the message wasnt even to me it was to my husband. If you really not happy with taking med for your chest sometime a cold press on the area works or even hot. Some people have said 30mins cold the 30mins hot every 2 hours. Maybe that will help.

  • I worry alot about my health lately i stress alot over something i don't have

  • Im focusing on cancer rn

  • That seems to be the common theme with people. I was convinced that I had 20 different diseases all at once. Although for me, it's been my heart since day one. Even now I can't shake the feeling that today is the day that my heart stops pumping (It never plays out like that) I've been living like this for about a year and a half now... some greats days and some horrible days.

  • hi just seen this. Im exactly the same i got check pain was sure it was breast cancer. Today not been to bad ive had tingling and all my breast cancer fears are there today. Ive been out to the farm with my girls so thats kept me busy and not focused overly on it. I think one of the common illnesses people with health anxiety worry about is cancer. Oh and a few years back thought i had cerixcal cancer but anxiety didnt seem as bad as it does now. Ive also been examined 4 time and nothing.

  • Anxiety can manifest itself in you from soemnting small. Mine starred with my chest muscles hurting and I thought it was my heart. I've been checked a million times. All doctors say I'm fine. As are you. You've been poked and prodded and you're fine. I have anxiety still to this day but you take each day as it comes. I've had all sorts. Cancer. Tumours. Heart attack. Stroke . The list goes on. It's all in your head. You need to start changing negative thoughts into positive ones. Challenge yourself. If you really really feel you can't do something. Stand up. And do it. Don't even give it a second though you'll thank yourself.we trick ourselves into thinking things are much worse than they are. I hope you feel better knowing you're not alone on this, it's hard, but you can get to a point where you'll wake up and you might ache, you might be fearful, but you'll challenge them thoughts, and they'll leave. Keep busy. Keep smiling!

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