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HI everyone

I'm 36 and I've suffered with anxiety for half of my life. I used to be on Pavilion then i was changed to fluoxetine (prozac) because i was pregnant. I couldn't have the baby. But i am still on prozac. I started taking it a year ago and i got a health scare where i thought something was wrong with my heart. So my anxiety sky rocketed and the dr raised my med from 40 -60 But all is fine with my heart. But i started the 60 mg almost 4 weeks ago. Not sure if these are side effects but i was getting the edgy jittery feeling sick called down but i also notice 8-10 daY's before my menstrual comes i feel weak and lightheaded and when I'm sleeping I'll wake up but my eyes are still closed and i get this weird feeling around my heart like it's sinking or beating fast (but it's not beating fast) and i wake up and when i go back to sleep it happens again. And i kind of wake up but it feels like I'm spinning. I know it's confusing but has anyone had this feeling? (Menstrual question for the women lol).

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  • From a biological standpoint when a persons hormone levels change (male or female) so does the brains chemistry which in turn effects any medications as well as anxieties. I had one female friend who a week before her anx would go crazy

  • Thank you 73 Cuda. That's good to know. It's never happened before until the Dr upped the dose. At first the Dr doubled it to 80. I was getting really bad side effects. But I went tI the head Dr of the office and he lowered it. I feel great until 8-10 days before my period. Thank you again for responding

  • My anxiety is always worse before my period. I feel the same weak lightheaded and shaky it lasts until my period is finished.

  • Aazz. The same thing happens to me. But I feel it's gotten worse but not sure if it's from the upped dose of fluoxetine. I'm in to the mess for almost 4 weeks. Today I feel a little better but still lightheaded and a little weak. I started yesterday a women's multi-vitamiin and hope maybe that helps.

  • I know how you feel. Sometimes a week before my menstrual cycle I get terrible and strange symptoms. Each month something different. Last month my heart also kept fluttering or beating unusual which also scared me and had heart palpitations. I get weak and feel like I could sleep 24 hours a day and it still wouldn't be enough. I always think something is wrong with my heart... sometimes I get pains and aches in my body that are just not explainable. Zings, bubbles, sharp pains, pins/needles. I wake up in a dead sleep thinking my heart is also beating wrong. When I check my pulse, it's fine... I'm not on any meds other then Lorazapam though, so I'm sure it's just anxiety itself

  • AnxiousMAMA. I get the heart palpitations too. I have pics which are extra heart beat but right before my period they become worse. And it feels like my heart is gonna palpitate right out of my chest. Today I took another vitamin. I felt jittery but but not as bad. But then I felt like I couldn't sit down and I needed to move. Not looking forward to tonight's sleep though 😞

  • Sleeping sometimes is very uneasy for me. I feel terrified some nights. And other nights I can't wait to fall asleep. Yes the palpitations are incredible. So strong feels like it's gonna explode out of my chest. Always makes me so uneasy. And yet my period ended 9 days ago I have not had any palpitations in about a week. When I keep track ofor my symptoms I find they usually come and go with my cycle. Just avoid caffeine when your having palpitations bc it will make it worse.

  • Yes. I've stopped drinking coffee months ago. But I'm noticing that the multivitamin is helping a little. I don't feel as drained and tired as I was and my period didn't get here yet. Usually in dragging myself. Hope you feel better

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