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Think yourself out of fear and anxiety?

We are the only creatures on planet earth that can think ourselves happy or sad !?!? Huh?


I think, and actually know, it's true and possible! I did it with many of my panic attacks(not all! practice made it easier)

My panic attacks are now manageable, and under control (my thoughtarrest), but I tried it yesterday in the dentist chair.( I like to experiment with how , what and why I think, and how I can control it)

It worked 100% until the drill bit hit some life! Then it takes a while to "recover" your thoughts.

The thing with panic attacks is that they "HIT" you from nowhere! I'ts then when you have to collect, recover and order your thoughts to think straight, sober and with intention.

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If only fear where the only reason for panic attacks/disorder.


Thank you for sharing a technique that seems to work very well for you. Maybe some people reading your post will be able to apply it to their situations.


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