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been feeling numb all over my body, my voice seems so far away, when I walk my head clicks, sinus and head pressure, detached 24/7 everything thing looks so weird and not real and it dosent look or feel like me, been feeling like this since July 2016 and it's nearly a year and it feels like the detachment is getting worse, will someone please give me any advice, doctors have told me it's anxiety symptoms, had my bloods checked last year and came back fine, so did urine test and ecg test, eye test is fine, I've been counselling but that didn't help I don't think it's anxiety I'm so so worried I will never feel normal, it's awful


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  • I think I told you before I have been dealing with this for over 3 months. When it started (Feb15) it was PURE HELL. I didn't even recognize myself and everything looked and felt unfamiliar. Then the existence thoughts came. Horrific. But now I feel ok. I still feel like I'm in a dream especially when I am somewhere with lights but I learned to say F IT.Not cured of course but I'm able to deal with it better I guess. I take supplements that has helped and I'm going to see a holistic doctor next month too. I will share what she recommends. I take magnesium, omega cod liver oil, a good multi vitamin,metafolin, and iron pills(I have anemia) im going to be adding B12 and Zinc to that list and remember distraction is key.

  • Hopingcat, yes I remember you telling me but honestly I am starting to feel worse and when I go in shops everything just looks so weird, will I ever be cured?

  • That is me. When I go into the market and target omg hell but I still force myself to do it. Actually today is gonna be hell because I have to go food shopping. If you keep doing it little by little it will get easier. I hope we get cured soon. I actually had the same thing as a teenager and I remember suffering for over a year but then went away. I don't know how. I had no medicine or help.

  • Hopingcat, it's just the detachment thing that is the worst everything looks so weird and my voice seems so far away, how do you feel

  • That detachment is horrific. When this first started I was just a walking pair of eyes. I didn't feel my body. It's disturbing. Today I feel blah. Fighting with this brsin and forcing myself to do things and not let it win.

  • It's hard because when I speak it dosent feel or sound like me and when I look down it dosent look like me, I feel so far away and I've had this for nearly a year and it seems to be just getting worse

  • Same here. It's hell. And for a year? Omg.... nothing has helped?

  • Nothing at all it seems to be getting worse and I start to think it's a brain tumour, any advice

  • Well I'm deffinetly better than before and I blame that on all the supplements I started taking. You get headaches? I get no headaches so that's why I'm not freaking out about brain tumor. Have you ever gone to the doctors and complain about your head?

  • I get really bad pressure in my sinus and sometimes in my head and temples and sometimes the odd headache but nothing major, yes they say tsnanxiety but I don't think it is

  • I deffinetly think is an imbalance of the brain. I need them to fix me! I haven't been happy since the hell started. It took away my personality and everything. Totally lost

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