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So fed up 😢

We are now at our log cabin and I feel terrible i have been feeling terrible all day!

I feel like i want to throw up i also feel a bit dizzy.

Im so scared of having a panic attack i hate them they make me feel like im going crazy.

I don’t know what to do to make this feeling go away its been on and off all day😢

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NewUserx, I still have a child like excitement about going on holiday but often when I'm away I feel very anxious. Yet we come away to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Maybe it's because we've moved out of our comfort zone into the unknown. Perhaps that's it.

Anyway NewUserx, you're on holiday now and there's really no reason not to enjoy it. Anxiety is caused by fear and the fear of fear. You mention being scared of a panic attack. I suggest you calm yourself by letting every muscle in your body go limp. Imagine the muscles in your body and arms and legs relaxing, and your jaw muscles too. And imagine there's a big muscle in your brain and feel that going limp and relaxing too.

NewUserx, you have nothing to fear. Even panic attacks can't kill you or send you mad. They are just tiny short circuits in your over-sensitive nervous system, they are not nice but what harm can they really do? So just accept them for the time being if they come, they do not last for long. Why fear something that can't harm you and doesn't last for long.

You can turn the tables on all the symptoms of anxiety just by accepting them for the moment. You musn't fight them because that releases more stress hormone and that's the last thing you need. But stand your ground, let the bad feelings rush past you and round you even as the waves of the sea break against a rock and then rush on past it. Just accept it, accept it all calmly and with the minimum of fear.

So you feel a bit nauseas and dizzy. You won't actually be sick or fall over I promise you, so just accept those symptoms too.

You deserve your vacation break, don't let a few blips in your nervous system deny you of it. Just accept the feelings but attach less importance to them. And preoccupy your mind with the nice things about being on vacation.

Everything's going to be alright I assure you, there's nothing to fear, all will be well on your holiday.


Thank you so much Jeff. I really appreciate your reply. You see like a lovely person! I will keep reading through this everytime I feel anxious.

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Hi I really hope you get to enjoy your holiday. I suffer from panic disorder and anxiety. I try to focus on something in the room or outside. Use some grounding techniques. Name 5 things you can see, 5 things you can hear, 5 things you can smell and 5 things you can touch. Then once your heart rate slows down and your body starts to feel relaxed you will be ok. I also start singing a song in my head over and over again and usually it's a kids song like 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive. That way you are distracting your brain from your panic/anxiety state. Stay strong I hope that helps somewhat xx


I had a panic attack last night and i can feel another coming on. I will try those things that you have told me about thank you so much for the advice!xx


how did you do?

Are you not "happy" that you went to the cabin? What do you think is at the bottom of your panic while you are up there?

IF your best friend were in your "shoes" what would you tell her to do RIGHT NOW, to help her?

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I managed to stay two nights but I had a couple of attacks and I felt drained so we cut it short by one night so I guess anxiety won again :(

I had a bad experience with panic attacks on my last holiday so I think because of that I have been so on edge with this holiday :(


Jeff it's trees again. Can your vision get blurry from anxiety. I took a klonopin and my anxiety is worse. I don't what to do. I went to a new psychiatrist and she told me to maybe see a psychoanalyst. I don't know what that is. The fear is coming up.


Yes Trees2357, you can get blurry vision from anxiety, I had it a couple of days ago but it's fine now. Why feel so much fear, Trees? You have nothing to fear, nothing terrible is goung to happen. It's just your mind playing tricks on you, same as everybody else. You shouldn't judge the Klonopin until you've taken it for a months at least. Are you sure it made you feel more anxious or were you anxious about taking the klonopin? Take the klonopin I suggest.


I've been taking klonopin for 4 years


I think it's not working


Trees, if you've been taking klonopin for 4 years then ut's time to tell your doctor it isn't working and to ask for something else that will work for you. Explore the psychoanalyst route by all means but your anxiety is so troublesome you need the respite that only the right medication can bring.


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