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I am so fed up with feeling like this now i feel like i am in a room and everything is spinning around and around i feel weak tired and terrible headaches which is causing me so much stress and worry how can i feel so dizzy like this and it be anxiety i am worried its more serious now and dont understand how i can feel so ill :( xxx

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Sheffield So sorry your having a really bad day and the feelings your are experiencing are to do with anxiety i know because i have felt this many times everything your explaining. Try and do some breathing exercises this will help bring down your stress level and be able to cope a little better. Or try and distract yourself perhaps laying in a dark room with soft music also applying the breathing.

I do hope you overcome this and it will eventually pass.

If you are still like this in a day or so visit the Doctor and explain how your feeling they maybe able to help.

Wish you luck hun

Love Seyi

thanks hun i am worrying myself silly and making myself ill if i get up and rush its terrible just got a terrible head now and feel drained i hope it passes but its gradually got worse over the last 2 weeks hun and when i stand i feel as if i am just gona fall over hope you doing ok thanks hun your a gem xxxxx

Hi Sheffield,

I get this all the time. Not so much dizzy as feeling like I'm swaying all the time when I stand up. I've been like this for ages and I'm terrified by it. Totally convinced it's some terrible neurological condition affecting my balance - doctor thinks not!!!!

It was actually quite reassuring when I first came on here to see that other people feel like this and that it is a symptom of anxiety.

Hope you feel better soon.




Well I have been getting this on & of , today I was cooking & I went all muzzy & then dizzy & felt I was passing out , happened several times as well

Make sure you are eating ok regular , might not stop it , but I have found if I am hungry it makes it worse




Hi lizard thanks love i have been thinking the same doesnt feel normal and really terrifies me i have got a terrible headache now and think its with worrying more and more each day when its still there hope you doing ok hun and whywhy i am coming out in sympathy with you think i have a bt its feels so scary hun i dont know how to handle it but i had my meds this morning and nowt to eat by dinner i was sweating and felt so nausea but when i eat as well still get it maybe i am not eating the right things i dont know my mind wont shut down at mo oits constantly ticking and making me ill so unhappy again at mo hun sorry for being a pain just really anxious and frightened today xxxx

Hi Sheffield, I promise you that you are not alone. Deep down we all know that anxiety can't kill us (although at the time you can feel like dying at any given minute) but no matter how many times you feel dizzy and anxious, you always end up getting through it. Thats what i try to tell myself everytime i can feel an attack coming on. Try not to let it beat you down too much, we will all get through this together x

Hi sheffield i went thou a stage of constantly feeling dizzy this time last year. I thought the exact same as u, how can this be anxiety its got to be something more. Every minute of every day i would ask myself that same question. It is anxiety that makes u feel this way, and because we worry we get an headache over it. Keep telling ur self that its the anxiety (cause it is), i find if i keep telling myself i can change them thoughts of mine. Doesnt always work but anything worth a try with it. I went dizzy earlyer over my mates and had alot of adrenlin and anxiety feelings. I sat there telling myself in my head its the anxiety and stay with me abit if it wanted, i ment it to. Then after a while it went xxx

I hope that you are feeling better soon. I know just what you mean about so many thoughts in your head.\\\Mine was like that and it felt like worms on the go all the time.It's such a vicious circle and is so very scary. As Jason said, you are not alone, we have ll felt so very bad and know where you are at. just keep blogging on here to people who know how you are feeling. All the very best. xx

Understand how you feel, Sheff. Feeling dizzy and off balance is my worst manifestation from anxiety. It's coming from shoulder and neck tension, I'm pretty sure. Not an easy place to get rid. I use a guided stillness meditation (mainly about releasing tension and giving mind a wee break from constant rumination), it's pretty basic - I usually dose off! It's good to remind the body that it should be in a state of relaxation and not tension. Not easy to get on with daily life when staggering about. Distraction helps too.

Sheffield, hun, it IS anxiety - anxiety can play havoc with our bodies as well as our minds, then as you say we start to think - this can't JUST be anxiety? Which makes us more anxious - vicious circle. I've had dizzy spells from anxiety, though fortunately only brief ones, and they're horrible :( I do feel for you, hun!

do you do any relaxation exercises? The DO help, though you have to keep at them! I found this on the net, haven't tried it myself, but you might like to give it a go?


Good luck, hun, and you WILL get through this, promise!

Lotsa love



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