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Happy Saturday😊

A happy Saturday everyone! 😊 Due to health problems, financial and romantic relationships frustrated I developed anxiety and depression. Recently I have suffered with migraine attacks and nausea. I went to the doctor and he prescribed the medicine amitriptyline. I did not start treatment for fear of side effects, especially I'm afraid of being drug dependent. I wonder, who is taking amitriptyline, what is the experience with the use of this medicine? I appreciate the answer.

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Hi Hun I've been on amitrryptiline before after shingles and before I had anxiety I'll be honest at first I didn't take it because it said antidepressant on the leaflet but then the pain got worse so I took it and it helped. I didn't become addicted to it at all and I didn't get any side effects either. Also the pain dosage is a lot lot lower than the antidepressant dosage hope that eases your mind a little xx


Thanks for the reply Emest86!😊 I'm glad for you the treatment was effective.

I'm going back to the doctor and ask him again the recipe, because I lost the previous one and start the treatment. I think the headache and nausea are directly associated with anxiety. May be I will get well and don't feel any side effects. Is it bad to live with these problems: gora myself am with migraine and nausea. ...

Wish you a great weekend for you.🙋


The symptoms that anxiety creates are vast and sometimes all consuming:( but honestly your dr wouldn't give you something that he/she didn't believe would help. They have to weigh out the pros and cons before prescribing:) big hugs x


Look up for some further insight for help with these conditions x

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