Fear of dropping dead

I have recently experienced a complete fear of dropping dead every day it's a different fear first a stroke fear that my right side is going numb then a complete feeling I'm gonna pass out another or I am going into cardiac arrest the next.

My heart rate has been extremely high in these times and I keep getting a dizzy/black out feeling. Am on Zoloft but occasionally drink could this affect it? Also under an extreme amount of stress at work and internally thoughts?


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  • Work and stress is the ultimate anxiety producer. I know my fear of getting sick at work or not being able to work manifests these symptoms. While work drives me nuts, I need it to survive...but pretty much hate going because of my anxiety. I am so afraid of getting sick at work. I get up feeling sick just knowing I have to go in. Then I go and it works out fine. WTH? Anyhow, the fear of dying is common among anxiety sufferers. I think it's a pretty common fear among the population in general. Those of us with anxiety, of course, experience the dread more than the average Joe. Anyhow, is there someone you can vent about your work to? I know this helps me. Sometimes I just talk to myself and tell myself what is bugging me about work. Getting it out helps my anxiety. Also, check out my post about the book by John Sarno. It is helping me. He even has a bit about fearing death and how that manifests anxiety. Best of luck to you. Peace and prayers.

  • I need your prayers. 😶🙁

  • I just posted this on another post. I thought this would help here too.

    "I was/am still the same wa. I was afraid of primarily the heart, thinking that it was some day going to give out on me at any given moment. I would have the chest pains and get very scared. I get these dull headaches and sometimes think... Aneurysm.... But to be honest, I have seen my doctors and have done so many tests that I need to start believing that I am OK. Ive done everything from CT scans to MRI's and everything checks out.

    At the end of the day it was death that I was afraid of. I finally came to the conclusion that death is inevitable and being a man of faith, I need to understand that there is nothing I should be afraid of. We are all going to die and we all have a predestined timeline that only God knows.

    I dont know if you are a person that believes in any thing but what has helped me the most is understanding and knowing that I have something to look forward to when I leave this physical place

    It is a scary feeling to always think about it, but why bother? You are going to miss out on a lot of great things around you. when it is your time, then it is your time. And if you continue to be scared just pray and know God ALWAYS is with you and will never leave you.

    God Bless.


  • Great post Devin. I don't worry much about death personally (I'll welcome the peace) but I do worry about how my family will fare if I die. Being the sole bread winner for my family and recently having my job terminated I worry about finding another job and providing for my family.

  • Ugh Devin...I am struggling so bad. Please pray for me.

  • Boston, sounds like good ole anxiety making you create scary thoughts. I'm on Paxil (40mg) and also drink occasionally in he evenings. Been doing it for years. My scary thoughts are not death but just falling apart mentally. Etc.

  • Hi Sulley66, just wanted to say something that I hope will ease your anxiety about mental breakdown etc.

    The people that worry about going insane, rarely do. People that are truly going insane don't know it.

    Not sure if it if any help but I hope it is. :)

  • I guess it's really a fear of being admitted to a hospital because of this anxiety getting so bad I can't eat or function. Of course I've had Thai fear before and it didn't happen.

  • I know dear...all too well, me too. 😢😩😧

  • We all fear this fear will take us down. That's the problem. Either kill us or put us in the hospital or just swoop us out of our lives. I am getting pretty mad at my brain playing tricks on me and telling my anxious thoughts to F-off when I feel them. I then start thinking of some things that I am repressing...things that I've shoved down and don't want to deal with. Just thinking about them and acknowledging they are making me anxious, really settles down the anxiety. Our unconscious mind is not really developed and thinks fear helps us. SO, we need to let it know it's NOT helping us and it needs to chill and let us live. We need to KNOW all of our pains and twitches and sweats, and palpitations are FROM our worry and suppression. It has to escape someway, and it's way is through anxious thoughts and lots of body problems. It REALLY has helped me to yell at it to STOP and even talk to my brain and say, "I get it, you're trying to protect me from all these feelings, but please don't-I will let them out or let them go, you just back off!" Write down as much as you can about your insecurities, hurts, ass holes in your life and then look at it and know you've released it through writing it out. Seems too easy, but man it works.

    I KNOW all of us with anxiety have our bodies filled with worry and we DO NOT have enough love, understanding, praise, etc. to counterbalance it. I bet a dollar ALL of us are perfectionists with a need to be liked by all and are indeed think skinned and hurt easily. My doc says that only really nice people get anxiety and it they were nicer to themselves and a little more shitty to others it wouldn't be a bad thing. Not mean, just not all worrying and giving and accepting that we don't get what we need in return.

    Vent, spoil yourself, tell others you need them to care for you, exercise, eat right, laugh, rest, and let your anxiety escape through talk and writing and not fear and panic.

    Read John Sarno's books and look him on Youtube.

    Peace and prayers to all of you. May you be happy, strong, and kind of "I don't give a shit" all the time.

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