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You don't think I'm dying right?

I told this story many times and had many people help me with my insanity and I thank you so much but for the last time I'm going to re-evaluate the symptoms:

Long story short, I took a supplement about 2 1/2 weeks ago called Super Collagen Hair Skin, and Nails by Neocell. I have been taking it for one week. I took it this one time when I had no food and no water in my system I immediately started feeling ill like an overdose ill.

Day 1 I experienced: closed throat, fast heart beat, anxiety, ongoing hot flash, waking up at night by twitching, restless leg syndrome, weak knees, blurred vision vertigo, no appetite, ongoing hot flash, confusion, nausea, and trouble breathing.

Day 2-7=strange allergies, earaches, back pain, face swelling, skin tinging, itching, frequently waking up at night, hot flashes on the inside, nausea, sensitivity to sun, anxiety, no appetite, ongoing hot flash, feeling malaise, trouble breathing, vertigo, blurred vision, seeing double

Day 8-14= strange allergies, allergic reaction to smells, trouble breathing sometimes, chest pressure, jaw tightness-earaches(pressure build up), confusion, feeling that my brain is floating, I recently get little suds in my urine that disappears, my eyes seem like it has dark circles around them but not enough to actually be worried about it, the signal that we get to pee or eat is very faint. I can feel it but I don't get the signal to actually do it.

Went to the Hospital 4 times they said its just me. Then I saw this one doctor that said I'm suffering from an allergic reaction which makes sense so she said to take Claritin.

At the hospital they checked my blood, and urine for everything, and everything they said is normal, but something is clearly wrong a on a cellular level. I secretly think something is wrong with my kidneys but there is no proof that something is wrong.

My question is will I be okay? because right now I feel like ultimate crap. Should I see an allergist?

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I do not think you are dying. :)

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