Panic panic panic

Just when you think you are doing ok it comes back to bite you in the ass. I have a pain in my neck and shoulder from a muscle pull which started to hurt in my chest when i laid down which had me thinking i was having a heart attack so spent the night before last on the loo shaking badly and feeling like my heart was gonna explode. I knew last night before bed that i was gonna be having an anxious night and i did. I woke up at 5am which for some reason is the depression/anxiety time, feeling panicked breathing heavy and shaking. I go on a plane flight next weekend and now i am worried im going to be like this and freak out on the plane and ruin my holiday. Im really annoyed at myself for letting it take over me again and i have tried having a word with myself but im not listening lol. I will end up giving myself a bloody heart attack at this rate.


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  • Hi misht

    I've had a friend who was anxious before flying, she explained this to her gp and he gave her something to relax her during the flight and for her return, just an idea, might at least ease the anxiety? :-)

  • Hi. Not sure if I can have pills because i am on some for anxiety already. It doesnt usually bother me flying but with me feeling a little anxious lately i am a bit worried about it.

  • Yeah I can understand that, bloody anxiety interferes with everything, but just thought your gp might be able to give you alittle something to ease the journey? might be worth a try? :-)

  • Yeah good idea ☺

  • I know how you feel the odd night I would have them symtoms too just try to breath and tell yourself it's a panics attack it's the fear of having a panic attack is what makes it worse well for me anyways

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