Hi again everybody!

So about all my previous posts about Dizzyness/lightheadedness!

today I actually built up my courage and gave myself a massive kick up the backside and listened to my partner to phone the docs up and book myself an appointment! Today they have diagnosed me with Vertigo!

I feel relived that I know no what is going on and can stop putting it all down to different things!

Just asking if anybody else suffers/has suffered with this!? As the docs said this is something that does sometimes clear up by itself without any treatments!

I know it's nothing to be scared about, but it's something that does scare me! I just feel that I'm alone with this as I've never really spoke or know anyone who's really suffered or had Vertigo!

Thanks Kayleigh x


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  • Hi Kayleigh - I regularly suffer from dizziness, confusion, disorientation, walking almost like I'm drunk but for very different reasons - My brain injury left me an unstable epileptic & those symptoms usually mean I've a seizure coming on; although my depression/anxiety on top doesn't make things that much easier!! Do you have any probs when you fly? That's usually a very different tale for me!

  • I don't see how you are able to fly. My doctor told me not to get on a plane, a boat, are even go to the mountains. When I cross a bridge I feel so funny, and even riding in a car is terrible

  • My probs are a result of something other than the "full blown" vertigo from which you obviously suffer. Flying is an ordeal I suffer out of necessity. + the "agrophobic" like fear of venturing outdoors is spawned from a fear of suffering a major GM+ seizure in public & the complications which can ensue. Just a few weeks ago I suffered a Sz in public which some folk were "kind enough"(!) to film on their mobiles & post on social media!!!

  • Hi Kayleigh. I have been dealing with vertigo for 5 years. It is terrible. I had test done and they can't find anything wrong, that's a good thing and a bad thing. I had to quit my job because of it. So you are not alone. I was prescribed Antivert/ Meclizine for it with Phenergan, and Valium. I now draw disability for this and a few other things. It is tough. I am agarophobia and it is very hard to leave the house. I only go to doctor's appointments. I wish people would understand my situation.

  • Hiya Valachia-t

    It is the most terrifying and horrible thing I have ever experienced! I absolutely hate it, I also have agoraphobia and also hate socialising because of this! I feel better to know what is going off and that it's nothing major and there is hopefully a cure! (So the doc says) I am just focusing on a road to recovery with a bit of luck for my kids sake! So I'm gonna give all my to get better! I am also like you to when travelling in cars and walking over bridges and being somewhere that's quite high! Even if it's a couple of flights up in a hospital! But I totally understand you and it is not the nicest thing to ever experience!

    All the best x

  • We will get through this.

  • Hey if you don't mind me asking how do you get diagnosed with vertigo?

  • Hiya fionaleung21, I just went to see my gp and I told her my symptoms and then she began doing some things with my head. And that's where she told me that I have vertigo! She then told me that it would pass but it could time. But if I felt that it wasn't getting any better then to go back for medication:( x

  • I had test done, they tell you to walk, move your head in all 4 directions. Put water in your ears, and they listen to your symptoms.

  • Well done for getting yourself to the docs! I know it'll be a relief in many ways because our worst enemy can be the fertility of our own minds!

  • Hello baby it's ya aunty here Kayleigh1991 I've had vertigo before it's scary u feel drunk and when I laid down on my pillow felt like the whole room is spinning it's a dreadfully feeling specially when you don't know what it is.I had pills for mine and it went after abit I was so can always talk to us all on here we r all goingthroughthe same thing in different ways. Glad u listening to me nephew lol u beforehand it will pass.

    Love you aunt tasha xxxx

  • Heya aunt Tash!

    Never knew you had vertigo? 🙈 Yes I agree with you it is awful, it's a feeling I've been having for a while but I just put it down to just not sleeping well and all the stress I've been under! Until one night last week! I woke half way through the night and the whole room was spinning in circles! I couldn't walk, I had to get on my hands and knees and crawl across the floor! I just instantly went into panic mode!! Oh I tell you something I was so so so lucky that I had got Simon! He calmed me down, put me into bed and calmly got me comfortable until I dropped back off! Then that was it, he was like docs tomorrow I don't care what you say lol. And he took me there!! Just so lucky to have someone so close to me like him that understands me!! So glad I know no what the hell it is and just start focusing and making changes!! Just can't keep living like this day in and day out!

    Some people I have spoken to about it just think it's funny, like they say (I bet that's a cheap night for you) etc! Like with always feeling drunk! Yes some may laugh or whatever but this is something that actually scares and gets me down and interferes with my life massively! Just wish I could chuck all this aside and laugh but I cant!

    Just considering going back to the doctors and saying I really need help with it! It really does scare me 😞😞❤️❤️

    Love you xxxx

  • Awww babes no it's not a laughing matter!!! That's so unfair specially when they don't know what your going through and it's scary not funny....and believe me it's all connected because your exhausted you got tons of stress going on the thing is wen we over do things our body sometimes need to reboot so our body clock shuts down for a few seconds (Like passing out )and then restarts and we start a fresh.ive had vertigo on and off for over 10 years and it's very scary because you think something is wrong but Simon's your security blanket he's your saviour u feel safe with him as I do your will pass eventually babes take dèep breaths and you will be fine.the thing is babes in my opinion u never really get rid of depression/anxiety/health will calm and flare up it's a viscious circle.because of the way I've been for the last 17 years I've now got PTSD and bipolar type 2 and health anxiety disorder it's horrible babes xxx

    Love you more xxx

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