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Tablet help

Hi everyone, I'm really struggling at the minute with generalised anxiety and health anxiety. 5 years ago when it all started I was citalapram and that continued to work for 2 years then stopped and I went on to sertraline which I couldn't get on with so after 6 months I got put back on citalapram had another two years on that then it stopped working again and was put on mirtazapine which I've been on about 5 months but I really don't feel it's working as I seem worse then when I was on citalapram. The dr has told me that on paper mert is the best he's got and that the psychiatrist I'm going to see might put me on venlaflaxine but that seems very strong from the write up on it. So I'm wondering what other people take and what works for them please:)

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Hi Emest86,

I'm currently taking Vistaril for anxiety and Zoloft (setraline) for depression. The Vistaril definitely works wonders only side effect is drowsiness but I honestly feel like after taking it for a while the drowsiness doesn't really affect you as much. Zoloft has been working for me I first started off on Celexa and that gave me some side effects that I didn't like so I switched off of that. Please post about what meds you end up with after you meet with your psychiatrist! Best of luck :-)


How's it going Emest86?


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