I need help. This has been going on for too long it's ruining my life. I don't feel like myself anymore, I don't even like to go out with friends anymore. I feel sick all the time, I'm trying so hard to believe that I'm healthy. I workout 5 times a week, I'm a 19 year old girl.

I don't understand why this is happening to me. I don't know who to even talk to or tell. I feel crazy.


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  • If you work out 5 X a week, there's almost certainly nothing wrong with you. I do the same, and I can't either shake the fear that the myriad Drs I've been to have all missed something totally sucks. I'm sorry that you're going through it.

    Truthfully, that's one of the main reasons I work out. So that I could tell myself that it can't possibly be my heart/head/brain/lungs it whatever else my exhausted imagination comes up with.

    Good luck to you...

  • Have to tried talking to people close to you? What are your symptoms? How do you feel? Lastly are you ok?

  • I did the physical stuff too, and was so important. However it wasn't enough. Until we understand what is going on in our head and how we can change it don't see how things will change.

    My previous posts give links to what helped me. Let me know if you want me to repost.

    Remain strong.


  • Repost! Repost! lol

  • Wow! You did the right thing sharing. Old saying of "better out than in...."

    Anxiety is like a drug in it's addictive conditioning. Unless you can see why it keeps coming back (why now, what are your triggers, who is there when it happens, how do you feel in that circumstance and what can you do about it) then it takes on a manic joyride of self-destruction. Lots of good techniques out there (EFT, visualisation and a strong support group - family/friends) who can lighten the load and turn off the Anxiety switch.

    The Gym is so good to pause those thoughts and burn off the stress but if you are walking back into a private hell then that sanctuary of the gym is limited in power.

    Even Mandela is his prison cell kept going with a vision of the world he wanted and kept to it when he was free. He had his bad days too but setting course for the better place kept him from falling into despair, worry and loss. His gratitude saved him by believing he could make things better. What about your life could you be proud of, who loves you and if you could choose your future what would it look like are the questions to turn from away from fear to the good place.

    This forum exists for us to vent but change is what we need so bless you and hope you can take one small step to change your outlook and happiness.

  • I know the feeling well waiting to see a Counciller because I don't like going out anymore get too anxious

  • I always do which makes me stay in 😔

  • I know all too well of how you feel. It seems like everyone's getting anxiety these days. What I've done is just sit back go to the doctor, and rest assured I'm fine.

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