I've suffered with anxiety for just over a year now and I've made no progress even with all the help I've had from my family councilers etc it's ruined my life I had to drop out of school because of it and now I can't even go to collage due to it, because of this I've gained a serious case of depression having suicide thoughts, feeling like no one cares anymore and I'm just starting to give up. I don't see the point in being alive anymore I have nothing to live for anymore I don't see what the future can hold expect the current cycle of my life right now witch is basically me sitting in my room 24/7 crying and feeling depressed. I don't know what I can do


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  • Hi How are you feeling today? I really understand how you are feeling and although you feel it you are not alone there are lots of people who are coping with the same feelings. Keep posting if you are able as it will help to support you. Do you have any family/ professional support? or take any medications?

    Best Wishes

  • Thanks for replying and Yeah Ive had support from many people my parents and professional workers and I take a medicine called fluoxetine 40ml of it every day it started to help but after the massive set back I just feel like nothing is working

  • I felt like that when I first got anxiety I wouldn't go out for bout 6 months had to get friends to take my kids to school and pick them up I do the school run now but have to get a friend to come with me but I still panick shake feel sick maybe you could get some one to just walk to the end of the street with you and back and take little steps at a time

  • Thanks for the reply filmer I've done what you suggested I even got to the point where I could walk to the shops with my mum, but after the massive push back I just feel like there's no point in trying, I feel like if I make progress again it's all going to go to waste and there will be another push back I can just feel myself caring less and less just not wanting to try fight it anymore

  • Hi Macs123. There is plenty you can do to help yourself. The biggest thing you can to do to recover is to give up fighting all the scary thoughts and feelings because this is why you continue to suffer. You said you feel like giving up and that is what you need to do. Accept it all and carry on with your day. You won't recover sitting in the house all day feeling sorry for yourself and keeping a firm grip on your anxiety. You need to do the things you used to do before anxiety came knocking. I know it feels crap but it is the normal stuff that eventually helps to loosen your grip on the anxiety. So, get out there, live your life and take the anxiety with you. Gradually, the symptoms will start to lift and you will start to forget you have anxiety. There will be good days, there will be bad days on the raid to recovery. Recovery isn't linear and setbacks are part and parcel of it. So, even though you may sometimes think and feel you are back to square 1,it is an indication of how far you have recovered so carry on accepting. Don't let the setback fool you otherwise.

    It may also be helpful if you read my earlier post as to why people keep suffering.

    Best wishes.

  • Hi macs123, life is incredibly hard even without anxiety and depression thrown into the mix. But life can be equally as good sometimes too😀 You have to stay strong!! You will get better it just needs something to make you realise that!! Someone will say something to you or you will suddenly realise it and you will start to feel positive about things. At least on here you can off load it when you need too. 😀🙏🏻

  • Hey angep thanks for replying I understand it takes time I'm just going through a rough stage reading posts and my replys on this website has helped a lot with me looking into the future and has made me realise that my life won't be like this forever the kind words help thank you

  • Please don't feel this way, I understand anxieties being do overwhelming that you wonder if you will ever feel better , I'm going through that now. And you need to push through and pray it away , I don't want yo found like some freak by that comment, but Google has made everything and everyone worse if you look things up , you think u have everything. And I am a Christian and I need to just trust that the Lord will take it away. All we want in life is to be safe happy healthy and calm. And put Hod at the top of it all. Do not feel that not living will make it better because it won't , it will make it worse , you are loved and your loved ones need you. It will get better , take bs y steps everyday and do something you didn't think you could do even if it means going out of your comfort zone . They may seem impossible, but do it anyway and you will feel do accomplished. Keep me up on how you are. ❤️lynl

  • Hey lynl thanks for the reply your kind words mean a lot after reading my replys and posts on this website it's lifted my mood a lot I made a post last night telling everyone that I will now be working with my mum taking things step by step to try get me back to how I was and this reply means a lot thank you for helping me realise how loved I am

    We will make it through this together ❤️

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