Symptoms constantly morphing and changing???

I am wondering if anyone has different symptoms popping up? One month I will have racing thoughts, the next I will have stomach issues and aches and pains, the next I will have out right panic attacks with chills/flushes, palps, really fast hbeat, dizzy, nauseous, weakness, depersonalization, detealization, panic attacks after a meal, after taking meds or supplements, another time I will have severe digestive issues. And the list goes on. I feel like I'm chasing a wild horse with all these rotating symptoms. Anyone have a similar experience???


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  • I can certainly relate to this smh

  • Yes! You just described all of my symptoms! I experience this as well thank god I found someone with similar symptoms! What medicine do you take?

  • Hi there! I can't take any meds really bc of how intensely I react to meds. I get very bad panic attacks when taking meds, supplements and even sometimes after meals. In the past I took Ativan which was well tolerated and worked well - I took small doses on bad days and it really helped. I didn't take daily bc it's addictive. Now I take it every now and again if tolerated. In my experience anxiety disorders can make you feel like your whole body is falling apart, mine is really quite severe as there is not one symptom that I haven't experienced. I do find that when I push myself to do things, to be active either inside or outside the home, I feel better. It's almost as if you are programming the brain that you are ok, or that you are safe by going out and living rather that being curled up in a ball, sitting at home scared, researching your symptoms or babying yourself. It's a tricky balance though bc self care is soothing and healing too.

  • Yes I know exactly what you mean! I have a 5 month old baby so it makes it even harder for me to try and do things to keep my mind from going into negative thoughts. I definitely experience all those symptoms my latest addition to the list has been headache, nausea, & diarrhea. But I've had the aches and pains tingling, insomnia, fatigue, muscle spams, really everything in the book!

  • So sorry you're going thru that with a baby on top of it all. Here are some things I've done naturally to help calm symptoms down: Donna eden has a book energy medicine. Follow the exercises in that and you can rebalance and reset your system if you do them daily and commit to it. Here is a very important exercise on YouTube:

    That exercise has literally saved me from severe symptoms many times. It has allowed me to go to sleep during insomnia bouts. I hold the pose for 1/2 hour sometimes and it really helps to relax and feel calm. On you tube I also listen to these. 2 videos which helps to calm, soothe and ground:

    One more thing. My doc gave me a homeopathic remedy called calming from the manufacturer HEEL. Just started it and noticed a calming feeling.

    Hope those things help if you decide to try them.

    Take care 🤗

  • Thank you so much I will definitely take a look at the videos and use it to cope with my anxiety! 😊

  • Yes. 1 week my scalp burns, the next it's tremors and electric shock sensations. I've been fighting it each day. I did find out my very low b12 vitamin levels was part of the blame. Taking supplements has helped some. But breathing deeply and jogging really helps more than anything.

  • I also experience exactly the same symptoms so glad I joined this group

  • I can relate to your changing problems too. I have anxiety and depression, and they present themselves in lots of different ways. I suffer tummy problems and bladder issues, and am always tired. The mind and body are linked closely, so this is normal. Reading the other comments you are not alone, which is helpful. Trying not to worry is hard! But I expect you know what calms you down, so go with that. Also try not to blame yourself we're all just human beings dealing with lots of stress, and people all react differently. You have recognised this and are thinking about ways to improve this, which are all good strategies and signs. You are not alone and I really do wish you the very best.

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