Living hell

When teacher's found out back in 1967 that I said my teacher was molesting me I got moved into another class and Mr Miles made my life he'll spanking me for what seemed ages right in front of the class . I can still feel the humiliation. Years later after I left school I found out by accident he got 6 years but many more got molested after me. My mother new the head master I was sitting outside I heard my mother laughing I felt so guilty turns out the head master was my mother's teacher. We never talked about it untilI had mental health issues and I hated her guts but not just for that . You see my mother was evil to .

I never got over itbottledup inside me for decade's and suffered many bearings and mental abuse off my father. My mother new my Dad had a bad reputation for abusing his first son mentally and physically but she still has him in the house 30 years together they was. I hated them both . I do get the odd feeling of feeling so for them because they was also abused . Abuse is like a plague spreading from family to family as the decades past. Being damaged no matter how hard one tries your kids will catch it their kids will catch it yea some people can snap the cycle but not if the scars are deep so deep you can't fix it .


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  • You opened your personal Pandora's Box to us. That took courage. When the original Pandora's Box was opened, everything escaped .....except or Hope.

    What can we do for you?

  • Nice I liked that 😊

  • Oh Dodo, I can't even imagine your physical and emotional pain in all that has happened to you. Every time I think I have heard it all, more devastating incidents are revealed. It's so twisted and sick. And yet, your parents learned from their own abusers. I am so very sorry you had to endure this. As deep as your scars are, I see hope that your strength has broken that cycle of pain to your son. I see the love you have for your son and how much he means to you. That is a start in stopping decades of abuse and harm. You may never heal from what you experienced but hopefully your son will learn a lesson from you on life, love and trust.

  • As usual you say the right words thanx Agora 😊

  • I Am getting there slowly. The pain is easing. ☺

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