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So I woke up this morning feeling absolutely AMAZING. I felt like ME again. The weather was perfect so I got up and went to work out. It was the start to a great day. In the middle of class, I feel anxiety and a panic attack creeping up. I couldn't catch my breath and I felt weak. I wanted to run out of class and go home. INSTEAD...I ran to the bathroom, splashed some water on my face, and said "NO ANXIETY. You will not win this time". Then I went back into class and finished my workout. I felt VICTORIOUS! I didn't let my symptoms consume me. If I can do it, we ALL can do it!! Take back your life. Don't let anxiety win!!! #Iamthechampion

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woop! go you im so glad! it just shows that anxiety is beatable! do you have any tips that reduced your anxiety

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I just breath through them and realize that I've felt these symptoms before...and they didn't kill me so they MUST be anxiety. I also had someone to tell me to count numbers out loud and not in order. Example...4, 32,18, 19,74, etc. Youre so focuses on trying to think of a number, that it takes your attention off of your anxiety. I also call a friend and chat with her. We usually start laughing about something dumb and again, I've taken my focus off of my anxiety. And if none of that works,I pop a xanax! I hate to do that, but sometimes I just want it to stop.


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Thanks skyraknight. I'm super proud of myself.

Very very good. I'm happy for you. I had a good day too. Thank God

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Thanks marsbarr. If i can do it ANYONE can!!!

Well done to you x I'm so glad you beat this anxiety for this day x and more days to come if it happens again x this us exactly how I've been dealing with it x some days are harder than others x but you proved you can do it x let's hope more of us try this method x DON'T LET ANXIETY TAKE YOUR LIFE OVER x well gone lovely x really happy for you x

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Thanks susannaylor. I don't think I've beat it...YET. I beat it for that day for sure. We can all do it. We just have to get angry at it and take back our life. It's a literal fight with yourself. Sounds crazy, but that's how I see it.

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Yes I make you right x you have to give yourself a good talking to x and hopefully will get through it all one day x and one day we can look back on it and think that was one he'll if a bloody challenge x but have to take it one day at a time x but glad you have made a good start x you take care and were keep in touch with each other x take care x

Fantastic Nene so thrilled for you Yes we can all do it Thanks for posting lovely positive words 😉xx

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Thanks Cat33. You would have thought I won the lottery. I was so happy that I fought back and didn't let it defeat me. We should all post our positive progress. I think it gives others hope.

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I think posting our successes would be so helpful on here I know exactly what you mean about the winning the lottery feeling So thrilled for you xx👍👍👍👍

Hi All, great posts and replies, see my post on mind armies which may help understand the whys in how this happens.

Also for those that have even fleeting feelings of improvement that means, you have a recent history of feeling better. It shows we are capable of feeling better, and that feeling can be made longer and longer, and we then get more familiar with feeling better and then we learn to expect to feel better.


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Well said Alun001. We are all capable of feeling better. We just can't let the symptoms consume us. I know easier said than done, but it can be done.

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Lovely post Alun

I think you hit the nail on the head. We are on our own regardless of how many doctors we see.

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Definitely so true 😉


Great job! What an accomplishment 🙂

Yes some good positives on here x well done to all of us x let's hope there more of us that can get the better of this anxiety feelings x

Awesome!!!! Good for you!!!!

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Thanks Louie61

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