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Not Sure what community to post on?

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my life, but just lately have been having panic and anxiety attacks because of other health problems, the one causing the most trouble at the moment being my ibs-c/diverticulitis and copd/emphysema, when the ibs flares up I fill up with wind and unless I burp to get rid of it I find it affects my breathing which brings on a anxiety/panic attack, my normal gp I see has increased my anti-depressants from two tabs a day to three which help a little, but after a really bad panic attack the other week the other gp prescribed me some diazepam (20 x 2mg) and I find that they have helped greatly, I don't take them every day, sometimes just 1 will help other times I need 2 spread out over the day, my worry now is that I am starting to get a little low on these and whether the gp will allow me some more as I know they don't like giving them out.

I went through a similar period 2 years ago and was allowed 3 prescriptions but my surgery at the time had a locum and he refused to give me any more saying it was against government regulations to prescribe these.

Sorry about the long post but my anxiety levels are increasing because of this and needed to get things down in writing and hopefully get some advice

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