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Sorry to be a pain everyone keep posting. Just don't know what to do :(

I know everyone properly getting sick of me. But here I am again I have got this obsession thinking I'm going to have a heart attack. Every single day I'm like I defiantly going to have a heart attack today and if I don't I think I'll have one the next day it's all the time. I don't smoke I don't drink. I'm just so scared I'm going to die from one. My aunties boyfriend had a massive one while he was driving , think this makes me worse I'm 19 I just don't wanna have a heartattack :(

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Can I ask... At your young age why do you believe that? And what or how do you calm yourself currently?


Just feel like I'm going to die everyday :(. I just take deep breaths and try calm down. I just get really stabbing pains in my chest. I know I'm going to die of a heartattack :(


So sorry.... You sound like you're on a start with breathing exercises.. Have u ever tried meditating... I'm just learning myself and find a lot of good ones on YouTube...


So sorry.... You sound like you're on a start with breathing exercises.. Have u ever tried meditating... I'm just learning myself and find a lot of good ones on YouTube...


Hey hun

We know how you feel it really stinks but always always always say i will get over this God loves me and wants healing. Think of all the things you are grateful for. Seriously at nighttime try doing a foot soak in health & wisdom magnesium oil or any brand but i heard they have 1/2-1 gallon jugs and most of us magnesium deficient and it helps calm you down. Best applied right after you towel dry from hot bath or shower on tense spots i do my back shoulders.

Also try bach rescue remedy or bach rescue sleep its all natural flower essences it helps a lot all natural from health food store or ;


I think there is also a website

Calmclinic.com i think and ooo download an app on phone or on Pandora type in relaxing spa music


I don't even know how to do the breathing exercises. I forever tell myself I can't breath and it actually feels like I can't :(


That's because you are over breathing! I had this. My chest felt as if it were being crushed all the time. I thought I would be sick at one point because I couldn't breathe but then I stood up, walked outside, slowed my breathing, even if it felt like I was holding my breath, and after I stopped worrying about it, it went away. Completely. Haven't had it since, except for the occasional time to where I feel like I can't breathe but that does not faze me anymore.


Relax - Statistically you are more likely to be struck by lightening than have a heart attack at 19. I would suggest you go and see your GP and have an ECG to put your mind at rest however I suspect that if you were not worrying about your heart you may be worrying about something else. These are normal anxiety feelings. You obviously obsess about things which creates the anxiety. Try using the obsessive thinking to your advantage and create an obsession about healthy living and healthy thinking. It may seem really obvious but if you stop thinking about heart attacks and start thinking about how healthy you really are much of this will just disappear. You may only be 19 but don't worry about being anxious, you have probably experienced some trauma(s) in your life that have just warped the way you think about things.

There is tons of help out there, hundreds of books and thousands of people that experience similar problems. Try Rob kelly's THRIVE book - It works !

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Thankyou for your words. Iv been to my gp iv had ecgs and they was all normal I'm waiting for a cardioligst to get at me beacuse I think my doctor wants to put my mind at rest. I think I'm just a constant worrier had a lot of family die. Now my dad has been told he's cancer has spread over he's body which makes me 20times worse :(. Iv tried a lot of things x


Try this website it worked for me


Take care


I'm 27 years old. Just in June last year i was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. At first i didn't know what it was. Here are the list of symptoms of what i went through physically and emotionally.

1. Massive fear of a heart attack:- id get heart palpitations. When i'm falling off to sleep i'd feel my heart suddenly skip a beat or fluttering. So i'd wake up in shock and immediately think there's something wrong with my heart.

2. My chest feels heavy. Like there's something so heavy sitting right on top my chest, which pretty much makes it hard for me to breath. Again my mind goes to the 'WHAT IF?' questions. What if i faint and never wake up? what if i collapse in public and no one would help me?.......which brings me to my next fear...

3. Fear of being alone. I have to beautiful boys, when i'm home alone with them my mind would tend to wonder into the what if zone. When i feel the anxiety symptoms kicking in...like feeling dizzy or faint or feeling like its dooms day lol...that's where i'd fear for my kids. Even in public, I'm scared to go out in public because the thought of "if something does happen to me, what would happen to my kids?". Even when i'm out alone...the fear of something happening to me.

4. Then i'd get symptoms of dizziness or feeling like you're zoning out of reality..to me that's the worse...coz then the next fear comes in...

5. Fear that you think you're going crazy. I think i was obsessed with the thought of "what if i became Schizophrenic...to me...between fear of a heart attack or going crazy i think the fear of going crazy is the most scary one for me. Coz since the world see's schizophrenic people as psycho's or crazy...the feeling of loosing touch with reality is what scares me the most. which again brings me to my next fear...

6. Fear of harming ones self or other's i love. Sometimes i'd get those thought's like....omg i feel like i have no control over my body. Felt like my body had a mind of it s own. Feared for my husband and kids. What if i wake up and do something.....this fear is linked to number 5. Fear of loosing touch with reality.

7. There were times to when i felt really down (depressed), and that would scare the shit out of me coz i've heard stories about people killing themselves through depression. This fear is linked with number 6. fear of harming ones self. When i heard that Robbin Williams to he's own life coz of depression, it bothered me so much. So much so that i really really thought i'd end up like those people...

so i dont know wether you notice ....that there is a pattern here.... the anxiety cycle. one fear leading to another and another......

you have the TRIGGER------>>FEAR---------->>STRESS----------->>WORRY-------->>ANXIETY---------->>PANIC ATTACK-------->>TRIGGER. on going cycle of anxiety disorder. You need to fight it. For you...do this for you. You need to have that self motivation. Do this for you. Sure doctors will help ...probably give you anti depressants...probably see the therapist etc..but to me the best result from overcome anxiety is that you help yourself. I was at my worst when i didn't know what was wrong with me. Rather than let fear control my life and let me be a prisoner in my own home, fight it. So what did i do? Did research on anxiety...how to overcome it. Cognitive exercise. train your mind to think positively, self meditation. i found that reading the bible was the best remedy for me. Gave me that peace of mind. Take the first step....facing your fears.

i had a fear of going out in public and with my kids, so i forced myself. First attempt was hard but i kept trying. Manage to overcome it...even though i had a lot of headaches on the way with fighting the anxiety itself ...it was all worth it.

Now i'm happy to say that even though i'd have moments of anxiety, I've never been more happier with my progress. I love it.

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