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Hello everyone how have you all been lately. I have been unable to post recently but im here. I would say that you are all my backbones in life. You make us feel that we are not so bad and i think that is what Johnny 1234 wants from everyone. You need help from someone and i feel i need that help at the early hours of the morning. I call them the very lonely hours. At the momrnt i am suffering from my thick heads again. That feeling when your head is so heavy and full. Im actually too scared to ask anyone if they have ever had it in case they say im looking for attention like poor Johnny. . This is supposed to be a help assist forum why not keep it that way no matter how many times someone comes back to you. I am fearful of everything in life and it is very unhealthy. I see such stress in myself yet it seems that everyone around me is never ever stresses. I just cannot sleep at night and i have to keep a job everyday. Any suggestions if someone can give me some advice. Thanks for listening


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  • Hi emmamyrna24, I'm glad that the forum has given you the support that you need. We all need emotional help and reassurance at some time of our lives. Anxiety can be very scary. We need to know we are not alone in what we experience. For you it seems to be the early hours of the morning which I struggled with for a long time. The heavy and full head is an awful feeling of not being in control as if something bad may happen. I've been where you are, so I can understand what it feels like. Never be afraid to ask for help on the forum. We are all here to support each other. You need to feel safe in reaching out to us so that you don't feel so scared or all alone. I well know the feeling of being fearful of life itself. It is a helpless feeling.

    Sleep is so important when stressed out to the max. Our bodies need to regenerate, our minds need to rest as well so that we can function at our jobs. In order to prepare for a good night's sleep, I make sure my room is cool and dark. No caffeine before bedtime helps the body to calm down from the stress of the day. Maybe a hot bath, a lit candle in the room will calm your nerves.

    Listening to a meditation tape while you deep breathe will help set the mood for deep relaxation before nodding off to sleep. A pillow that provides support for your neck and allow your head to rest comfortably will help with that full headed feeling. When the morning comes, don't be afraid of any symptoms that might greet you as you open your eyes. Do some deep breathing, accept the fact that it's a new day, with new goals for you to reach. Greet the day with a smile, don't allow negative thoughts to overtake your mind. Have at least one thing each day to look forward to. However small, it will give you the incentive to not be afraid.

    You may feel stressed but you can still move your muscles. The more you move, the better you will feel. You are not the only one feeling stress, believe me. Last but not least, look into therapy, exercise, short time medication, whatever it takes to break your high stress level. Read some of the books on the market that will help explain your nerves, anxiety and what symptoms they cause. Hope & Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes is an excellent way to start. Read it over and over until what she says makes sense. Acceptance of the symptoms we feel will help reduce their intensity and frequency. You are going to be okay. It takes time and practice and patience. And please emmamyrna don't be afraid to ask for our help or support. We are here for you because we care. x

  • Thankyou so much Agora 1 what you have just said has meant so much to me. I already feel i can carry on

  • Hi Em, no worries of what others think. We can't please everybody and who cares if someone thinks you're craving attention. Even if everyone thought it, the right people will be there for you and continue to be support. I haven't seen a lot of posts from Johnny but the dudes probably scared for his life, like we all are/ were; so I'll reach out to him after this. We're just looking for relief and assimilation in total strangers and there's basically no risk there.

    I can tell you that I know that stupid head "fullness". It got me more down than I care to mention, but I would start to exercise when I felt that way and I knew that if it were something really life threatening, that all the increase in HR and BP from exercise would exacerbate it. But it never did and so I really told myself that this is really all harmless.

    I pray you find peace. I know you will. Search for it and we're here for you!!!

  • Thsnkyou so much Rockster 321 you have really given me encouragement . Im glad i know people like you. Thankyou for helping me feel im not the only one out there with a thick head. Thankyou for reaching out to Johnny.

  • You're very kind and you're welcome. We've all been there.

  • Hey there! Are you talking about heavy head as if was full potatoes? And very dull at the same time? It's of the common Anxiety symptoms. It happens when you start to think how bad your situation is and when you turn all your focus on yourself. The quickest remedy is to engage with people, that is, to change your focus outward. Perhaps even change a job when constant interaction with others is necessary. The more you seek recluse the worst it gets. Take small steps daily to consciously feel different. It's like exercising your muscles. And don't kid yourself that you are the only one stressed. Everyone is but people handle the stress differently. Make a list of all activities that would reduce your stress level then take action. You may not feel better right away but slowly you will see the difference. Cheer up! Do something different! And stay away from your thoughts!

  • Thanks Skyracknight. Encouraging indeed.

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