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Why can't I just have a day without feeling anxious, worried and sick? All advice is greatly received


I don't think I have a single day when I'm not checking in with myself, checking how I'm feeling, am I anxious. Every 5-10 minutes, on a daily basis, anxiety sweeps over me. On some occasions it might just pass, on others it takes hold and I can spend the rest of the day/week have anxious and scary thoughts.

I get chest and back pains

Negative thoughts, like I'm not good enough, I'm a bad mum, I'm in a bad relationship

My head hurts

I feel sick and cannot eat

Dizzy and shaky

A pounding heart

Convinced I'm going to end up in a mental ward or dead

Scared for the life my children are leading and will lead in the future

Guilt for not enjoying life

These are just a number of the symptoms.

I'd love to know if anyone else feels he same and if there are any suggestions of short and long term help.

Thank you for listeneing

Can anyone suggest any ways to get out of it

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Hi Begentle

I have the same issues and more as you describe, I have maybe 1 day a week I feel 'normal' all the other days is a constant struggle, I hate feeling like this!

I feel like this a lot maybe not to the extent that you are though. Write a list of things you enjoy and things you can accomplish (these may overlap) do things/tasks you have avoided and activities that fit your values like seeing family. I find doing tasks I enjoy helps with aniexty I am also starting therapy perhaps this would be for you?

I've recently started a journal writing down my worries and how my day has gone. Am hoping that will help.

Begentle51, you ask why you can't have a day without feeling anxious, worried and sick? The answer is that a day like that is no use to you as you can't practice Acceptance on a day free of the symptoms of anxiety. Only when having strange thoughts, dizziness and a pounding heart can you remind yourself that these symptoms are really phantom symptoms, they are not the result of real organic illnesses, they are con artists, because they only exist within the context of your sensitised nervous system as glitches and blips though I appreciate they feel real enough to you.

You can experience strange thoughts, nausea, back pains and the rest without it damaging your sanity, your body or your well being. And it is only when experiencing all these and more that you can practice accepting them without adding fresh fear to first fear, without adding further anxiety every time some symptom strikes which leads to more anxiety followed by more symptoms.

Only on a bad day can you practice breaking the vicious circle that keeps your nervous system sensitised thereby prolonging your anxiety disorder and delaying your recovery.

Here's what to do when any of the fake, fraudulent symptoms attempt to intimidate you next. You must imagine every part of your mind and body slowly relaxing and going limp, first all the muscles in your head, then those in your chest, then your limbs, imagine them relaxing one after the other. Take long deep breaths first slowly breathing in, then gently out. You let the symptoms come like a great wave that breaks over you and rushes past you leaving you physically unscathed.

You practice accepting with as little fear as you can all the symptoms that your sensitised nerves can hurl at you and you carry on doing the things you normally do and you smile because you now have the measure of your enemy who is really a toothless tiger, and you now know that by accepting, utterly accepting those bad feelings you are beginning to turn the tide and are taking the first steps to true recovery.

So let the bad feelings come, come one come all, and although it's not niceand will take much practice and persistance, you will have framed your mind in a way that through Acceptance without fear and constant introspection will inevitably lead to a gradual desensitisation of your nerves - and you can join thousands of fellow sufferers, fellow travellers along that Yellow Brick Road that leads to release from nervous suffering.

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Jeff, I think had you been my therapist years ago, I would have made the transition to peace and calm more easily. Your explanations are clear and precise along with a little humor (which we all need). So glad you joined this forum. You've helped a lot of people including myself. Take care, we need you here :)

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Thank you for your kind encouragement, Agora1. As a follower of Claire Weekes I only peddle the ideas of the peddler of ideas. So many troubled people appear daily on this forum and although it would be good to help them all one can only address one or two at the most, but it is reassuring to know that there are others on this forum such as your goodself who equally have the knowledge, the experience and the will to help.

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thanks Jeff so helpful you have explained what is needed beautifully :)

I'm still stuck overthinking. OCD and GAD are not fun . I haven't had an appetite and food sometimes grosses me out .

Hi. Find Art of Living group in your area. Take the basic course. Learn Sudarshan Kryia. Talk to teacher about your problems. Soon, you will feel much better!

Thank you so much

I'm definitely going to practise what you've suggested, giving in to the feelings and allowing them to be. It's so guard not to fight it, but I'm going to try.

Thank you 💐

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