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New on here - I've just realised I have anxiety - Help!

I've never really thought of myself as a stressed person. I've only really been stressed once in my life a few years ago when my dad was dying and I had some difficulties running my business. My GP prescribed something to help me sleep for a few weeks, work got easier, dad passed away and I felt better after a month or so. But now I have got the same symptoms reappearing for the last month or so - I can't sleep, I have little or no appetite, I don't want to spend time with my amazing pregnant wife and incredible young daughter - my life is so good, but every time I look at them I feel like something will go wrong, I'll get Lung cancer (I've started smoking again secretly after having given up for years), or I'll get made bankrupt etc etc. Seeing this website and reading through the NHS website (during the awful early mornings when I can't sleep) has been a real eye opener. I realised that this is a real thing and I can't ignore it. I need some advice on how to "get over it" and stay happy. Its a relief just to know that some of you guys feel the same and that I'm not alone in it. What are the best things you have found to beat it? I don't really want to try medication but it seemed to work last time and I can't live like this for much longer without going crazy and affecting my personal and work life - any suggestions?? I've tried running until I can't any more Forest Gump style to tire myself out but this doesn't do much, the breathing techniques the same, and mt doctor only seems interested in giving the same tablets as before - any help or stories from other people would be really appreciated.

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You do sound like you are suffering with anxiety & with this we get irrational thoughts as you are & I relate to those thoughts

I no you say you don't want meds , but they helped last time , maybe as some have found , they do need them & they have helped short term along with counselling

If you go & see your GP , you can explain , this time you would like more help & would you try counselling , it can help to get to the root of the problem & help you move on

It is there , but some like pushing the pills & missing that out , you have to ask , which is your right to

I think this would help & I hope with the help of this site , you will get to a better place than how you are feeling now

I no it must feel sad as you say you have a lovely daughter , wife & child on the way & you feel you should be enjoying all this & then feel guilty because this anxiety is stopping you , but you will enjoy it all , make that step & go & ask for the help you need

Keep talking on here & let us no how you get on





Welcome to the site.

Well the first step to getting better is knowing what you're up against, anxiety - one word so many different problems...Hope this site and the various books out there will help, everybody is different so keep going to find what helps you - it is not always fast but one step at a time and onwards and upwards (ect ect) ;)

Good luck


Your experience sounds like me in 1999, anxiety is normal, but it only becomes a disorder when it affects daily life!

Eg. losing sleep, physical symptoms,

Others may disagree but I would suggest a low level of an SSRI, 100%.

20 mg Fluoxetine has saved my life.

I had symptoms like you, they creep in over months, you don't even know that you are suffering from something.

Then bang , you can't sleep, eat, you worry about being worried !!

14 years on, 20+ GP's advice, various pro counsellors , lots of research and my opinion is that human's haven't evolved fast enough for our technological acceleration in recent history.

Fight or flight baby.


Boost that Seratonin, - also beta blockers, amazing in combination with Prozac


Hi Russ,

Welcome to the site i hope you find it as helpful as i do. I've had lots of questions answered by people that i dont feel stupid talking to.

I ended up in hospital with my first serious episode so i think after reading my hospital notes my doctor knew what was wrong before i did.

I never realised i had anxiety. I used to get stressed to the point of hands shaking, unable to put my priorities in order and never getting anything finished and one day it went beyond that and i cracked.

Thinking about it now, i went into fight or flight and stayed in flight for a good few days.

Being in this drunken like state i found myself at the doctors and she prescribed Diazapan (?) just to help me throught the first stages and get out of flight mode.

I felt like i just needed to forget about the fearful state and then i'd be okay but it's not quite as simple as that.


Thanks guys, It really helps to know that other people are feeling the same. It seemed so strange to go to the doctor and say aloud that I'm depressed and have anxiety issues. What you said 1979ukmale said -

I had symptoms like you, they creep in over months, you don't even know that you are suffering from something.

Then bang , you can't sleep, eat, you worry about being worried !!

Its so true, I've been heading up to this and I didn't even realise, then all in an instant, my life's is upside down, happy things turn into the worst fears of your life - so wrong that this isn't talked about more.

All these people suffering and getting on with their lives, I've been in this place for a few weeks and am finding it almost unbearable to lead a normal life - how do you do it for longer - those of you that do are true fighters.

Dr has prescribed me some antidepressants - citalopram - but they don't seem to be working yet,I think they take a while to kick in???? and some zopiclone so at least I can get some sleep, but I really don;t want to fall under their spell - i get the impression its easy to do?


Hi there well done for speaking out. I hope you get some help from this site. Try not to beat yourself up. I might be wrong but it sounds like you're feeling a bit 'unworthy' because of your anxiety. I may be reading into this totally wrong because I beat myself up about it ridiculously. As someone in a senior position professionally and someone who's always the 'together one' among friends and family it was incredibly difficult to admit to myself let alone anyone else that this awful weakness had won over me!!!! Try to take a step back and think about how you can take the control back. Someone from this site suggested writing things down to help make sense of your own feelings and thoughts which I now do and I've personally found that very helpful. Luv Red x


Oops. Thought that the citalpram weren't doing their thing today so took three only to read on here that they can make the anxiety worse! am therefore awake again at stupid o'clock. Red - you hit it on the head, how do you admit it to other people when you're supposed to be the one who's doing well professionally and personally??? I haven't told my wife -she's so full of happiness and wonder (the main reason I fell in love with her) how could I bring that into her lifeespecailly as she's pregnant. I don't think I can go to any of the people who work for me, and when I tried to tell my best friend, the words just wouldn't force themselves out of my mouth - argggghh! Its such a good outlet for me just to write this down on screen - maybe i should start writing it down elsewhere - how do you do it - just fill up a diary or something??


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