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Hey guys!

Hey guys my name is Jose, I'm 24 years old and I've been dealing with new and weird symptoms. I was diagnose with anxiety when I was 13, ever since new symptoms come in every few years.

It started out on Tuesday. I woke up getting ready for work but realized that my thoughts were a bit louder than usual. As I was at work I also realize that my hearing was more sensitive. I almost thought that I was going crazy because my thoughts were too loud. Days went by and my situation got worse! I started feeling like I wasn't here or if I wasn't real. Every sound sounds weird almost like if it's fake? Everything I see looks fake. At times I'm okay but outta no where I start I get a rush through out my body and I start hearing weird , seeing weird, and feel like I'm not real or aren't here. Any one else out there with these symptoms? I feel alone and I feel hopless.

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You are not alone. It's called Derealization and I been dealing with this nightmare for 3 months. Lights and sound make me feel like I'm in a dream. This rush of unfake feeling is disturbing. Go see a phycologist and phychriatrist.


You're having derealization. It's a part of anxiety. You're not going crazy. You're brain is feeling overwhelmed by stress.

Practice breathing exercises and meditation.

I had this at age 19 driving in Toronto after work in the traffic. I felt like I was floating outside my body. That was 30 years ago. I've learned the best technique for this is meditation

Meditation is like doing squats for your brain. You need to train your brain to relax or you will suffer things like anxiety, OCD, depression, etc.

You're normal, no worries, just educate yourself about derealization, anxiety and start meditation today.

I hope this helps you, bless you


Thank you I appreciate it.

It's really hard.


I know it's hard but you're not alone and this is not permanent. You will be okay.


Thank you deb! We got this!

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I have wired symptoms a lot too with my anxiety. I feel the longer I have it the weirder my symptoms are getting.

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I use too get panic attacks a lot when I was younger. Now I'm just feel like I'm not here and everything looks fake.


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