I'm over worried about my health

Me being me done the stupid thing of googling all my symptoms. I have been told I have a chest infection and have only been given an invalid and antibiotics (not taking them got told to only if I develop a temperature).. my chest feels like it's got fluid on it sort of thing? I cough and flem comes up, but still feels like I have stuff on them.. I cough when I laugh hard.. constantly having to clear my throat and swallow. I googled my symptoms and have seen all sorts from cancer, COPD, angina etc.. I am literally petrified.. can someone please help or suggest what's going on with me because I physically can't deal with this anymore


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9 Replies

  • I meant inhaler not invalid!!!

  • Well since you are only 18 copd, angina and cancer are really virtually impossible. Most likely this is a virus and should improve over a week although the cough may persist for up to 6 weeks.

    Chest pain on breathing breathlessness and high temperatures not settling in a few days are pointers towards using the antibiotic.

    If you have a runny nose then it's likely this is a cold.

  • Thank you! Gives me peace at mind!! Think a trip to the doctors might be needed because I'm finding it unbareable if I'm being honest

  • Its terrible isn't it. I've got a pain in my jaw and I'm convinced I'm having a heart attack! :/

  • Why do you think it is something other than a cold?

  • A heart attack at your age in association with a cough seems extremely unlikely. Why worry about this?

  • Like I said above, I googled my symptoms and bizzare things have came up

  • So why trust google? It will always give the worst scenarios, never a balanced view, as it can't afford to reassure anyone about any medical symptoms

  • Very true. I'm on a very long car journey back home and I'm sat bored other thinking things. I normally prevent myself googling stuff because I know it makes me worse, but I don't know what came over me today!!

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