Derealization and Depression

Hi my name is Chris, I'm 16, I use to have a problem with drinking and some drugs and one night I decided I'm going to do a Lsd, I was being a rebal I didn't care about anything once I started drugs but the night I did acid I had a bad trip and i went to the hospital the nurse kept telling me I was going to possibly feel this anxiety for a long time she was just being a jerk ( I had anxiety and Depression before this bad trip) and the doctor said I was 100% okay and I wasn't going to be permafried anything. After this experience I've had terrible anxiety and Depression for 2 months now I've had terrible derealization and Depression and anxiety, I realized how important life is and how I was dumb I regret all of my past. I just wanna be normal again. What do I do. Iv had no help the only thing that helps is talking to my grandma. Does anyone have any Ideas or support or can relate please comment.


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  • Google recovery stories for derealization. Some have recovered with supplements. I have been dealing with Dp/dr for 3 months now and have tried a few things. I'm better than I was when it first started but not cured. Talk to your parents. Since you are young they can probably take you to a holistic doctor and a psychriatrist.

  • Sounds good bro thanks you

  • Hi Chris's if I was you pal go back to the doctor tell them everything and you need help from them to start to feel normal again ave been there mate anxeity and depression won't go away in a few weeks you need help from professional s to get it for under control . It's ok talked no to family about it but a found most of he time the don't properly understand what you going threw make sure you go back to the doctors even take your grandma and demand help one way or another!!! good luck pal

  • Thank you a lot man, I'll keep y'all updated

  • No problem Chris's keep me updated but seek help from professionals and don't leave the doctors until someone find s help for you cause it is out there buddy . It's something that just won't go away on its own talking with someone who knows all about it or even medication if they think that's the way forward but do get to the doctors pal take care talk soon

  • I'm 46, but did a lot of Ecstasy and LSD when I was young. I started at 15 so I know where you are. I honestly believe that you (and me) are too young to handle the powerful trips one has on LSD. It allows your mind to go places a teenager is not ready for. Since you've found out how precious life is, it helps me understand how bad of a trip you had. My last trip on LSD was bad and I never, ever touched it again. I was worried I'd never come down, never be normal again, etc. As long as I was worried about it, I never felt normal. One day I decided that I was going to go about my business and not think about the bad trip or what "normal" felt like. After that point I began to feel better, day by day until one day I realized I was normal again. It took me about 6 months to get that bad trip out of my head, but once I did I was fine. I've read to take Vitamin C to flush it out, but I have no first hand experience with it.

    We are our own worst enemies when we get lost in our thoughts. When you feel the anxiety, acknowledge it, feel it, ride the wave and move on. I've had to do this for the last few months with my anxiety and it is helping (along with Buspar). Just know it doesn't last forever and you will get past it!

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