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Anxiety is driving me crazy!

Hey everyone I need help :( I wanna know if anyone has had the same problem or in the same boat , so I had a urine test about 9 months ago due to me worrying when the doctor called me he said he found iron in my urine & thought it was a UTI so now a few months went by of course and now about 2 weeks ago I took a test again & the same thing happen again! Iron in the urine and the blood test came out fine & no bacteria in the urine just the blood that I can't see :( , this has me so worried because I've had it for so long I'm always worrying my self trying to Google stuff up and it makes me feel like I have a bad infection or bladder cancer , I've always had Heath anxiety and this is making it worse on me I'm always Stresses out because I don't know what's wrong:(

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Honey and water


Do you know what's it for ?


You've had a couple of blood tests and they have come back ok I think if ur really worried c ur doctor and tell him. One thing I wouldn't do is googlin you will always find the worst scenirio


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