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Health anxiety here again

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Hi folks

I’ve not posted about my health anxiety for quite a few months because I’ve been great I even had a full time job which I’ve not t had for a very long time I was finally living the dream of no anxiety..

Then boom woke up this morning and there it is hot sweats... feeling of dread in my core..rapid heartbeat ..... anxy ... and constant nervous toilet trips and very fidgety I am so mad because I have been so well and happy the only thing I can think of is I’ve had this bad flu for over a week and never do well when I’m ill because it’s my health... had a tablet review at my drs the Other day and she asked me to have a yearly blood test now I’m worrying as last 2 years I’ve had blood tests they’ve always come back abnormal white blood cells are high and my platelets were too drs say it’s prob a infection and left it and now I’m worrying it’s gonna be the same and I’ll have a terminal illness or summat I know it sounds crazy but I hate this horrible dread I get I know it’s fear and I’m probably worrying over nothing again but I don’t like it when they come back abnormal but they don’t seem to do anything about it though.... is this because they don’t think anything of it do you think funny thing is I’ve not even had my blood test yet so I’m basically worrying about nothing as always but anything health related it puts me on my knees.... has anyone else ever experienced this and why advice or coping strategy do you have thanks so much for anyone who replies


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Hi , yes it sounds text book to me ..

Going along nicely.. then you are poorly ( even though it’s a cold or stomach upset)

Our minds go into overtime.. especially if we are unwell for longer than a week! We think it is a terminal illness. It’s our minds then it’s the whole vicious cycle of worry panic.

The blood test are routine and if you have had a flu bug or infection then it may come back abnormal..but cross that bridge when you get there .

Right now .. you’ve been doing great so you know there’s nothing seriously wrong.

The anxiety has popped up , you’ve dealt with it before and you can do it again..let the feelings come .. let them pass ..

Put some music on up again about anxiety.. so you know that’s just what it is .

Go for a walk , see a to us .

You are doing great ..this is just a blip my friend.😊

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Natzsteveo in reply to 1973m

Awww thanks so much for this it means the world to me cuz u feel so alone when it happens don’t ya I just worry so much about my health and when I have to have any tests or anything I go into complete meltdown before I’ve even had them it just so exhausting xxx

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dbeck128 in reply to Natzsteveo

It's tough isnt it you guys? You CAN'T believe doctors. Because YOU KNOW you're dying and can't stop it. That's how it goes for me anyways. I hate it the most when it arises at work!

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1973m in reply to Natzsteveo

Yes .. I’m exactly the same so empathise completely. I’ve worried about being ill for as long as I can remember.. until at the moment I don’t care .. because other things occupy my time and worries!

I think when you have anxiety you have to have a worry 😉

Try not to get trapped in the cycle and keep telling yourself it’s anxiety.. or message on here and I’ll tell you 😊

Unfortunately I know health anxiety all too well. I'm currently doing the famous "stand up and sway side to side to feel a little bit of relief because you cant sit down", technique 😂

Any minor symptom and I'm on my death bed.

I haven't had a way to cope with this, as I wish to find them as well!

I hope you get to feeling better. It seems as if the most minor symptom we get our mind goes to the worst possible thing? Some days are better than others.

Get well soon....

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Natzsteveo in reply to dbeck128

@dbeck128 hi there yes it’s so true mind in total meltdown when it comes to our health I just get frustrated cuz I’ve done so well for almost a year and it comes back to get me again and we go through hell till it passes my husband gets mad with me tells me I gotta “snap out of it” I wish I could I wouldn’t have it if I could snap out of it would would any of us Infact he gets so mad and says he hates seeing me like this xxx

Bless u I have been the same had a crap nyt with my anxiety got a lot stress at min waiting to go to a tribunal about my pip so that not helping me at all it's so horrible xx

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Natzsteveo in reply to Sarog72

Aww pip tribunals they don’t rush I had one of them I’m glad I won it eventually though and got a very nice lump sum xx

Hi Nat sorry to hear you are feeling so low. I reckon it's coz you have the flu why you feel so anxious. Don't forget that progress isn't always up in a straight line and sometimes you can take 1 step forward and 2 back. These little blips are normal and as long as you are generally headed in the right direction you will get there.

I would ask your doctors why when your tests are abnormal that they aren't doing something. They obviously consider them not to be dangerous though.

Remember that our bodies are very good at dealing with minor illesses and we all have good immune systems. Statistically it is much more likely to be something minor wrong than a severe illness. x

Thanks my lovely I always love your advice xxx

Ha ha glad someone does Ha ha. xx

Hey girl. So sorry to hear you're going through this again. I'm in the exact same boat. I went several weeks where I was actually doing ok and I was so excited because it's the best I've felt (mentally) in a really long time. But then yesterday I woke up with a slightly sore throat and everything just went down the tubes for me after that... I don't understand why for some of us it seems every ache, pain, lump, bump, cough, sneeze, tummy upset, dizzy spell means we have a terminal illness but that's where my mind goes. I have truly convinced myself I have no less than ten different life threatening illnesses in the past five months and I've sent myself running to the doctor many times. Then it seems there are other people who don't bat an eye at any of their "symptoms," they never worry, and they never see a doctor for anything (my husband is this type of person). Honestly I never struggled with this until May this year and I don't know why it's suddenly just taken over my life, this fear of having some terrible illness. I've found my only coping mechanisms are (1) tell myself over and over that I'm fine because I'm young and healthy and the doctor said I was fine and (2) distract myself. The worst part for me is the early morning hours when I'm wide awake with panic but it's still too early to get up so I lay in bed in the dark with my heart pounding, stomach in knots, nearly sobbing just thinking of my life ending soon from some illness. It makes me not want to get out of bed but I find if I force myself to get up and go outside I immediately start feeling better. I then have to find an activity to distract myself. On days I work that helps a lot as I'm so busy I don't really have time to think about my health. As far as your doctor ordering bloodwork... I know for people like us just the mere thought of getting bloodwork done is enough to send us into a major panic because we start imaging all the what ifs... What if something come backs abnormal? What if they find out I have some terrible disease because it's been over a year since I had bloodwork done? This isn't rational thinking though. The doctor is simply ordering the bloodwork because you've been sick and for a yearly check. You have to remind yourself you're FINE and it's just a bug and as a result of that you may see a little fluctuation in your bloodwork and to NOT panic if you do. As a nurse I assure you if your doc felt any of your labs were concerning whatsoever for anything they would have ordered further testing. Everyone's labwork will have little flukes of abnormality in it somewhere and 99.9% of the time it's totally fine. It's extremely rare for someone to have every single blood result come back within perfect range. Last year my own yearly bloodwork came back with my white count on the low end of normal although still normal and I worried about that for months... And I'm fine. Just please try to remind yourself that humans get sick, we feel bad for a few days or even a couple weeks and our immune systems kick in and we eventually get over whatever bug was causing our symptoms. It's NORMAL to get sick from time to time. It does NOT mean you have a terrible disease. You're going to start feeling better in a few days and then you'll know you worried for nothing. Your bloodwork will be fine. YOU will be fine. Just make that your mantra... You're fine girl! Say it over and over. You'll get through this fear. Praying for you.

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Geezer46 in reply to Khuneycu

Hi Khoneycu,

your post could be me,along with the post of Natzstevio.

One terminal illness will surely follow on the heels of another,your figure of ten is about right for me i can have two or three on the same day.

I have been to see three consultants this year for different things each time came back clear.but the fear built each time so much.Breast cancer[men can get it] skin cancer, and bowel.I have already had prostate,such a shock no symptoms.

Yes the waking early worrying about some niggle is hellish,it leaves you so worn out the next day.

Reassurance from my wife is good,but if i overdo it she goes nuts i cannot blame her but i have no one else to ask.Health anxiety is such a lonely illness,i do not know anyone like me,i see a psychologist but even she does not understand.I have seen it called the impossible illness and it surely is.

I read a site called [The glow hypochondria] all the women on there tell h/a how it really is it will come up under mamamia but look under and it says the glow.

If you look it up i am sure you will agree with me it tells it as it is.To all on here suffering h/a may i wish you good luck and if you wish to post me i will reply.


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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

Thanks so much for this makes me more determined when I know I’m not alone and actually other people go through it as well xx

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Geezer46 in reply to Natzsteveo

You are so not alone nat,however it can feel that way.

I am so sorry to hear about your Mother,losing her must have been so hard.

My Mother had cancer many years ago,she lived but i remember it so well.

It made me so aware that i have worried ever since.

Best wishes Geezer46

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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

Thanks for your kind words means a lot to me having something like this happen in your family is enough to make you have these fears as it’s a very traumatic time

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Geezer46 in reply to Natzsteveo

Yes when my Mother finally got the all clear, she told me to be aware of what can happen.

Good advice she must have thought but for me it turned to h/a i began to check things all the time,it rebounded on me.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

That’s totally understandable... and well done to your lovely mum who kicked cancers “butt” I’m so happy for her...h/a is so awful and it’s so overpowering isn’t it

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Geezer46 in reply to Natzsteveo

H/a is is hell Nat,have you tried anything to help?

Trouble is there are no groups here in England, for us to talk to people like us.

I go to my local hospital for psychotherapy,but even there i am the only hypochondriac on her books and i think she gets confused at how quickly our symptoms change.I keep going because there is nothing else,doctors do not seem to know what to do with us.

Our minds are so powerful it is so hard to just let it go even for a short while.

I hope we can help each other to get better from this Nat,i have tried some things i will tell you about.

Best wishes Geezer46.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

Hi @geezer46 it is hell isnt it there is nothing here where I live for h/a and it’s awful because it’s like we need a quick fix when it happens constant reassurance apart from this site is the only place we’re people understand us who suffer with it themselves xx

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Geezer46 in reply to Natzsteveo

A quick fix would be fantastic Nat,a magic pill to take away h/a/

I tried reflexology at the hospital it was great but the feeling of ease did not last very long.So it was back to the drawing board,i felt really low.

Being in touch with people on here helps and i wish i had the magic pill Nat.

My wife says i have to go with it and not fight she says what good has fighting it done for you?She is right of course, but it hits me first thing in the morning as soon as i open my eyes and the worry builds, mornings are awful.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

Wow mornings are my worst point it wakes me up all hot sweats heart racing fast breathing feeling of dread in the pit of my tummy it’s awful ain’t it especially when we are going through it and nobody understand what we go through and my husband can be stern on me he tells me to get a grip and it hurts me as I wish I could I don’t wanna suffer like this in another aspect maybe tough love is what I need


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Khuneycu in reply to Natzsteveo

This is exactly what I go through nearly every morning and my husband tries to be supportive but he always ends up getting so impatient with me and telling me to snap out of it... Yes it hurts, but to someone like our husbands who don't panic about their health the way we do, we sound ridiculous I'm sure. Believe me if it was something I could snap out of I would IMMEDIATELY! Wouldn't wish this type of morbid thinking and awful anxiety on my worst enemy.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Khuneycu

You and me both honey serious I would give anything to snap out of it too it’s hard to grasp isn’t it

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Geezer46 in reply to Natzsteveo

Go on the web and look up [the glow hypochondria]it will say mamamia at the top but the glow at the bottom.

The women on there have all written there feelings it is how we feel,show it to your husband maybe then he will understand your fear and why you cannot [snap out of it].Non of us want to be like this,it is awful especially in the mornings.

Dread is an awful feeling when you stare at the ceiling early in the morning and do not feel like getting up.

You will find[ the glow] Nat it is usually at the top of the page.


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Natzsteveo in reply to Geezer46

Oh wow I’ve just been on it?? It’s amazing it’s identical to us I never realised how many ppl actually suffered from it

Nat x

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Natzsteveo in reply to Khuneycu

@khuneycu thanks so much for your inspiration and fabulous advice mine kicked up when I lost my mum to cancer 12 years ago and has been like it ever since it’s a hard habit to break but you have just described me as you described yourself

Thanks so much for your positive advice

Nat x

Have you ever had a full allergy test?

High white immune cells is not normal but some sort of a strong allergic condition that you could possibly never imagine can trigger it out. Mold, insects, food, even aspirin.

We all get some anxiety during health concerns so keep it cool and try different approaches to get maybe answers for these questions !

Take care


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Natzsteveo in reply to MarkFL

Funny you should say that I have high allergies to most things especially my skin on my face and neck when I get really stressed I get urticaria on my neck it’s like hives and it’s raw I do have allergy reactions to most things maybe that’s why it’s possible I suppose...

Thanks loads mark


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MarkFL in reply to Natzsteveo


Try to start checking a deep allergy map with your doctor they will test you for lots and lots of allergenics. Stress could trigger allergies and yes, you could find relief in your anxiety finding the cause of these.

Stay strong

That's anxiety for You? You never know when it's going to pop up? Anything can set it off? Like this past week I got offered a job, I was Happy about it, then all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach. I retired early from my last job because I had a mental break down.

It’s always the smallest thing that triggers ya and it just takes over don’t it xx

Yep, it's affecting my Diabetes, I'm afraid to go outside sometimes because my blood sugar could drop then I get Shakey, could faint?

It’s horrible to have it really is I can go 8 or 9 months with no anxiety then boom it hits ya like a ton of bricks don’t it

I want to be HAPPY so BAD, Im Trying to work myself up for the coming holidays for my grandson, so HARD. I'm going to be 65 in 3 months, gosh sometimes I don't care about living, I ask God for Help to pull me through

Hi, my anxiety went into overdrive last week & I was due to start a part - time job on Saturday but could not go as I was so bad, I didn’t think I was overly worried but it obviously triggered my anxiety off big time. I’ve had great support from this site which has helped me immensely. Today I not 100%, but feeling a lot calmer and telling myself to take 1 day at a time & not worry about how I will feel tomorrow.

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Natzsteveo in reply to Arlene99

Thanks so much for this honey means the world to me xx

I too know more toliet trips nerves like a nonstop bathroom trip lol all normal I have struggled with anorexia 40 yrs since 14 now almost 7 yrs in treatment I too am well recovered however daily process to remain recovered when I feel all is well and conquered and most days all is great then boom I fight harder to not relapse we are human and not perfect so stress of any kind makes anorexic want to relapse after recovery pressure of daily living so you were doing so well and get sick our body effects mind and mind effects body so the enemy of mind do not let it win sorry you not feeling well usually infection causes blood cells to be messed up not a doctor but experienced this myself do not let the mind take you down glad to see you have a job and that is something to be very proud of hang in there

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Natzsteveo in reply to 56artist_

@56artist_ hi thanks so much honey wow you’ve had a struggle and half but still come out the other side..I just get so consumed with my anxiety it takes over my everyday life.. and then it will go when I get reassurance and then boom smallest thing kicks me into anxiety mode... but your right having the flu can knock ur senses off completely thanks so much for this


Hi Nat! I can totally relate to your health anxiety issues. Mine are more related to heart.

My grandfather passed away at 54 from heart and my dad passed away at 71 from heart. So, I had convinced myself that I would be dealt the same fate.

Because of this, I pretty much put my life on hold. I had been an athlete most of my life and as I started to hit my 40's, I pretty much gave up and would come home from the office and sit in my recliner just waiting for the heart attack to hit.

Every time I would start to experience the physical symptoms of my health anxiety, I would run to the Emergency Room thinking I was having a heart attack. It was hell!

I would go to my doctor and he would run tests and tell me that my heart is fine. I would feel good for a week or so and then would start to experience all of the crazy health anxiety symptoms. It was a vicious cycle!

I finally scheduled an appointment with a cardiologist. This was 2 months ago. He did a Coronary CT Angiography as well as a nuclear exercise stress test. As soon as I finished the exercise stress test, before he even read the scan, he looked at me and said that based on how well I did that I have a 0.25% chance of dying from a cardiac event over the next 1 to 5 years. That resonated with me. Thank God!

Since then, I have got back to the gym and am even walking/jogging 3 miles per day! I'm trying to take my life back.

Now.....Do I still experience health anxiety symptoms? Absolutely! But....I push myself to continue to exercise and guess what? I haven't had that heart attack! So....full speed ahead for me!

I hope you find some hope and confidence in this post as you too can get through this!


Hi mike wow your reply is so me? My mum passed to pancreatic cancer at just 56 12 years ago and I was so traumatised by this that’s when my health anxiety kicked in big time I thought if it can happen to my mum it could happen to me so everything I get health wise knocks me for six so I can relate to your fears I hope strong like you I’ve been thinking of taking up yoga meant to be good for the mind

Thanks so much

Yoga and pilates are great for the body and mind. I feel so much better when I work out and I bet you will too. I think that we allow our minds to take over and instill fear into us. We have to fight against that and march on despite what tricks our minds try to play on us. Once we press forward and complete the tasks that our minds tell us not to attempt, our mindset slowly starts to change and the fear eases. :)

Thais so much for this it’s cheered me up loads and gave me hope

Hi. I have the same thing..I even get up tight just going to the doctor’s office! I have had a few health issues this year after a mostly healthy life. Now on my latest blood test my wbc is slightly high so must go for repeat test. Everything else is within range! But I am sleepless and my acid reflux is having a flair up. My doctor has referred me to a councillor who I will have an online consult witb soon. Have you tried councilling? Thanks for reading this. 🇨🇦

Hi there Yes had quite a few sessions with the councillor they help but don't think they last long enough...ive had high wbc for over 2 years dr said could be infection or anaemia its just started to go back to normal which I'm glad about its nothi g to worry about my dr says 97% of her patients have raised wbc

All the best



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