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How do I treat anxiety

Hi guys I'm new here and I have been suffering from anxiety it all started when I couldn't breath properly because I was very sick I'm well now ,but I get really paranoid and feel like I can't breath properly and my heart keeps palpitating my mom and aunt keep telling me to stop thinking about it I try not to ,but I just feel really paranoid and think like I feel like I'm trapped and nothing is real and I'm 13yrs old.

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Hey there welcome, try taking deep steady breaths. Try taking a little walk when you feel overwhelmed and drink some water. You can turn on some music, do something you enjoy and will help you, something comforting . It's probably best if you see a doctor and see how they can help as well just to ease your mind.

I wish you the best


Thx nmp1 I'm just really scared because I'm anxious for about 7 to 8 hours a day and I'm currently living in a foreign country that doesn't have a Dr that treats anxiety. :(


Find something of interest to immerse yourself in. A new skill or hobby maybe.

Things that help in my family (including 3 teens) to keep their minds and bodies actively engaged inpositivity include...

Joining a sports team (be it just for fun or competitive.)

Taking an art or other hobby class


Drawing & painting




Dog walking

Prayer & Bible reading

Participation in church youth groups

Learning to play a musical instrument

Find a positive and healthy activity/hobby that you enjoy and keep busy with it.

When you feel the anxious thoughts or feelings starting to come on refocus yourself on something else.

Here is a tool that my counselor taught me to overcome a past traumatic experience...

Stand in one place & visualise that scary moment when you couldn't breathe or whatever other scarey moment/event triggered your anxiety. See it in you mind's eye and allow yourself to feel the fear then deliberately refocus your mind on something positive by moving to a new place in the room and visualising a positive experience/event/moment in which you were 100% healthy and having fun. Concentrate on that moment and allow yourself to feel the positive feelings associated with it.

Then everytime you start to worry about your breathing or anything else visualise that positive happy moment while breathing in through your nose while slowly counting to 5 and out even more slowly through your mouth for a count of 7. Keep doing the gentle breathing until you feel more calm. On the in breath think of a colour (something soft and calming) & on the out breath think of a different colour. (Something warm and relaxing)

Once you start to feel in control. Go do something fun or positive and ideally physical as the physical activity will get rid of the excess adrenalin which causes the physical symptoms of anxiety and also triggers the unwanted thoughts.

Let us know how it goes.


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