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Think I'm having a mental breakdown

I'm in my first year of University and have been very happy for the last couple of months which is slightly unusual for me as I've never been entirely happy with my life. I assumed it's because I'm in a new city with new friends who I really get on with and don't have all of the worries I used to have. Anyway, suddenly I've started feeling terrible. I feel like a lot of my friends are out to get me lately and don't really like me, and have noticed that they don't really care if I'm around or not. I've been isolating myself lately for this reason and because I don't feel entirely comfortable around people anymore. I've lost my appetite which is strange as I usually don't stop eating and I have no energy for anything (just today I have left my bed only twice because I couldn't get the courage to and thus have been getting out of breath even when I sit/stand up). I've been feeling very nauseated although I haven't been able to throw up and I can't stop crying over nothing. I do have exams coming up however I haven't been feeling stressed about them at all as I've only got 2 although I know I will get stressed over them sooner or later. I'm genuinely just feeling extremely fragile and uncomfortable and find it hard to breathe, the fact that I live in halls makes the situation more difficult.

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Analyn you have just moved away from family and friends, these are normal emotions but stay strong and focus on your future. Real friends will come along. Forget the ones that are making you feel this way, and you may just be hormonal right now so just know that this too shall pass!!


Important - Google 'depression university students' RIGHT NOW! You will find a VERY large proportion (about 40%) of first year uni students are depressed, over the whole world. I reached 16 pages of Google before I got bored with looking. It is regarded as an epidemic in fact and there are a huge number of organisations set up for support.


I'm feeling bit like that myself I'm writing my first book trying to get my band and my business. I feel isolated alot. I'm going to try to find people and go to new places. Based on my interests. Why don't you try to do the same? Just a suggestion cos sometimes we can't see our family or old friends so much and it's hard to make new ones we have things in common with. It doesn't get easier either I'm sad to say. But I'm determined to try to get new friends cos I'm feeling too isolated right now myself following a abusive relationship break up.


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