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I think I have social anxiety ?

Ok so I have always been a shy person but I have social problems like when I get around ppl I get really really nervous I start to sweat alot and I get butterflies alot and I hate making eye contact with ppl when talking it's just I get very nervous and then I have a problem getting the door when ppl knock I get nervous about that to so I just call my mom and Tell her to get it I mean idk what it is?

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I feel you i have the same problem and idk what to do . I get really nervous when i aroud ppl and if i tried to say smth i cant i feel like some1 is controling my mouth :(!


same way but I didn't know what it was at first I just realized how nervous and anxious I get when I do or get involved in these things so I do know I have social anxiety and I also have health anxiety


Same social anxiety and health anxiety :(

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