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I think I have anxiety and Nothing helps

So I am a breastfeeding mother and baby is 4 months when I has her I had pre eclamp and for weeks after I had her I would just start to panic for no real reason my ob put me on anxiety medicine but sadly it did the opposite and made my anxiety worse. Every night I would go to bed my hands and feet would go numb I would feel out of control and i Just assumed it was my blood pressure rising but now my bp is back to normal and has been for a while but my sleepless nights are back bc every night as soon as I lay down my hands and feet go numb my Body tingles and I get A headache and it seems like the more I try to sleep the worse it gets. I just really want some input on how tho get this under control

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I first got anxiety after the birth of my son. Please give the medicine time to work. I have struggled with it for 18 years in October. (My son is now 18). See a counselor also don't let it take hold.


just want to let you know that I have been suffering from this since my second child was 3 months old she is now 9 months old. I tried Zoloft which made my anxiety 100 times worse just from one pill so I stopped them I tried paroextine which I only lasted on for 5 days it also made me worse and I am terrified to try any more meds I know you have to wait it out for a few weeks but it was so horrific i'd rather just suffer from my usual anxiety. I have been better over the last 2 weeks and I think for 2 possible reasons we have been moving house so I've been really distracted and I've been seeing a Chinese doctor for accupunture.

Basically you are not alone I'm still not 100% but much better so you will get there. Lifestyle change is important too im planning to change my diet, exercise and meditate plus see a therapist. Hope you feel better soon


I have anxiety through the day but only at night my hands and feet go numb I can lay down Any other time and sleep but at night


It happened to me in my sleep especially as I was falling asleep. The way I realized it was in fact anxiety is when I saw the therapist she made me talk about things that really scare me and give me horrible anxiety and the same feelings in my arms and feet happened.

When my baby wakes me for her night feeds my arms feel all out of control and weird really hard to explain.


This is a link to a checklist of symptoms of B12 deficiency


It sounds like many of the symptoms you are experiencing could relate to this.

Low levels of B12 during pregnancy have also been linked to higher risks of pre-eclampsia ...

If not done already ask to have your B12 levels checked - don't take 'normal' as meaning that everything is okay because there is a large grey area - 450 down - where significant numbers of people are symptomatic. This is because the test isn't the best indicator in the world. MMA and homocysteine (which is the factor that seems to be involved in pre-eclampsia) can help to clarify if levels are low end of normal range - they are waste products that build up if your body isn't getting enough B12.

There is a PAS forum on HealthUnlocked - if you do get the test or if you think B12 is a possibility please join and post there - it can be very very difficult to get doctors to listen to anything on B12 - there are a number of myths around it - including that it only really affects old people and that you have to be anaemic - and the problems with the standard test are not generally on people's radar.

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Just to comment most meds can take 4/6 weeks to work, and initially can raise anxiety levels before settling.....GBx


I have restless arms and legs and what you are describing could be the same., do u feel as if you have to move them all the time? Restless legs and arms can be linked to anxiety. If it is you can get medicine to help. Xxx


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