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I have just wock up like I cart get a breathe and in panic mowed so this means its going to be a bad day for me today 3hears sleep not good anxiety has taken over my life and I really can not cope living this way day in and day out don't no how long I can fight this for its like iam fighting a losing Battle the more I fight the anxiety t just comes harder the next time and the next they is on let up with it

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Mike1978, hang in there. I know it seems overwhelming right now but it will eventually disappear as you learn different methods of handling these episodes. I use to get the same thing and it is very frightening. When I started to understand what causes it and that it was not harmful, everything settled down. Fighting what you are feeling is a lost cause. It's a normal reaction but it just tends to build up the adrenaline. Until you develop fear of fear situation. Sometimes medication is needed for a short time along with therapy to get you past these scary symptoms. Once you replace fighting the panic with accepting it as not dangerous, things will get better.

I would assume you are standing up now, is the feeling any better. Mike, it's a matter of the chest muscles being so tense from being anxious that when you finally fall asleep, your body doesn't know how to react to the muscles starting to relax.....and BAM you awaken. When this happens, try putting your arms above you head in order to open up the chest wall. Don't force the breath, try breathing slowly in and out, you will almost feel the muscles open and air will flow freely.

Are you okay yet??

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Thanks I am OK still a bit panicky but I don't feel to bad it will be latter as the day gos on and I get tried

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Buy some magnesium !

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Hi davewavy1.

Have read a number of your replies that included taking magnesium. Do you take it as a preventive measure for anxiety/panic? Would you please write again about that and the type of magnesium? For the next two years I can't take vitamins, calcium and some other minerals because I inject Forteo everyday for osteoporosis, and it can increase their levels in the blood stream. Forteo was prescribed to actually grow new bone where it has been lost in my bones.

I thank you ahead of time. I have an appointment with my rheumatologist soon and want to ask him about the magnesium.

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Let me Investigate this Forteo first and I will get back to you :-)

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Thank you. Forteo is made by the Eli Lily pharmaceutical corporation in the US. I wore out my eyes reading the generous amount of info that Lily has on the web before I agreed to start it.

After reading the results and possible side effects of other meds on the market, I realized why my MD wanted Forteo. It has a hormone involved, but not the chemistry involved that has caused jaw bone loss in other meds. It's the only one I could find where the results included new bone growth, not just the prevention of bone loss).

The retail cost is about a $100 for each daily injection. I had a vertebral fracture last June which was mended by medical "super glue" injected around it. That fracture and the results of my dexagram set off the alarm that something aggressively had to be done.

Thank you again.

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I'm trying to found out if it is bound by flouride atoms?. I'll have to search a little later or maybe tommorw, unless you know if it is ?.

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I really don't know the answer about the fluoride atoms. You seem much more knowledgeable about chemistry than I. Is there a particular symbol or configuration to look for? I can go back to my research on the web, as I remember seeing compound configurations somewhere...but might have been with one of the other drugs out there.

I definitely will wait as long as you need. Your interest in my situation and your effort are greatly appreciated by me.

So, am's the weather in England, or is it Australia? I live on the west coast of Florida near the ocean. It is becoming hotter each day, but sunny. We pay for our touristy mild winters by surviving the humid hot tropical summers.

(Really only have the two seasons ...)

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Forteo's medical name is "teriparatide (rDNA origin), but I suspect you have already found that out.

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Hi Dave. Just checking to see if you had the time and success in finding the answer to your concern about Forteo, when considering magnesium.

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