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Feel Bad after Panic

Is it normal to feel bad perhaps a couple days or a day after a lot of anxiety? I've noticed that after severe panic, coming the next day, I will feel like a flu has hit. I've had a week of ridiculous anxiety, really haven't gone anywhere, can't see a Doctor because my mom says I am perfectly fine, cause she has anxiety, too, but ugh, I feel just crappy. And now I notice that I only feel this way after severe anxiety.

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I feel the same but mine is a all time low and generally just feel crazy I guess if ur panicky and stressed with tension it's can make u feel flued up x


And now I'm scared to go anywhere feeling like this.


I just had a bad attack heart racing really bad calms down then again and again as I type this again :(

What I feel inbetween episodes is

Rib tightness

And like I'm not breathing in right. Like oxygen isn't going everywhere in my body.


I took an ativan half of 1 mg

It's calming me now but my heart still races :(


Ive had that before but I could tell myself it was anxiety. With this I seem unable.


I've suffered crippling panic attacks for many years and for a couple of days after I usually feel exhausted, achy and quite vulnerable, be kind to yourself cos when you've had a panic your body has been through an ordeal and it can take a while to recover. Hope this helps x

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