Well the last few days have been okay. I've been feeling a little empty and spaced out today tho. I saw the Psychiatrist and she really thinks I should try natural exercises and techniques before taking meds and to stick with the techniques. Also yesterday I got so much blood drawn, I'm wondering if it's normal to feel out of it the next day??? But anyways my Advice is to force yourself out of the house to be in some sort of nature. Have a Great day


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  • Did the psychriatrist order the blood work? And when I have bloodwork I feel drained. You might need a heavy meal. Like a steak and potatoes type meal.

  • Hi, no I have a new primary care again, one that is in the same office as the mental health. She ordered all updated lab work and she's just testing me for additional things to have on file. Yes maybe that's what I need, a good meal. I've been eating light. Thanks. How have you been feeling?

  • I have been feeling like a crazy functional person. This existence thoughts are out of control. I want them to drop. I'm trying to keep busy but those thoughts send me to panic which makes this Dp/dr worse. I just got some blood work right now but just for iron. I'm hoping this month will go by fast so I can finally see the holistic doctor.

  • Yes I hope so too. Idk how but that dr/dp went away for me. I didn't do anything special but ignore and close my eyes when I was feeling overwhelmed.

  • I am still praying for the day I wake up and don't have to deal with this. Questioning my surroundings every second and on edge. It's a terrible way to live

  • It sure is. I'll be happy fir You when you don't have to feel it anymore. It's not fair at all. I don't even have any suggestions. Do you wear glasses?

  • I wear glasses at night and contacts in the mornings

  • Hmmmm. I wear glasses and I feel like I wouldn't be able to stand the contacts while having the dr/dp episodes. Whenever I would feel it too much, I would take off my glasses and close my eyes for a little and it would stop. Even at home now I don't wear my glasses even though I need them to see, I limit wearing them.

  • I just wish these thoughts would go away. The existence thoughts. So scary and that's what sends the Dp/dr out of control

  • Try saying DELETE DELETE DELETE when they come. It will help distract your mind. I'm going to send you a prayer also.

  • Me too tired of living like this it is terrible I dread to see the sun come up another day panic attacks don't know what to do!

  • It is a lot to deal with. I'm grateful for this forum where we can express ourselves and support each other. I pray for peace and I hope you are feeling better.

  • Awesome post! And I completely agree w your psychologist. Mine said the same and I have beaten it without meds. The reason is that meds mask the problem.

  • Thank You. I'm glad to know you beat it without meds. I was so shocked when she didn't want to shove pills down my throat lol. Also she made me feel more confident that everything is going to be okay.

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