Anyone else?

Health Anxiety & TMJD

My Diagnosis ^

Healthy asf but yeah still struggling.

Currently dealing with massive facial pressure, sinus pressure, head tension, crawling sensation in scalp, shooting sharp stabbing pains, involuntary jaw movement, headache, and I can't sleep.

Not worried, just thought I'd share and see who else deals with weird shit like me. Any other healthy human beans that get harassed by Satan's mental army?


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15 Replies

  • All signs of anxiety but can also be a sign of scm (muscle in neck) strain, you could look into it on google. Its a very common thing and your symptoms seem to match scm strain. But in saying that you could get it checked by a doctor to put your mind at ease. Scm strain if you have it can be resolved by doing some daily stretching.

  • Thanks fam

  • Check this link out and it might give you a bit of info on scm strain, read it all...

  • I have TMJ it's terrible !!. Jaw pain, neck pain , headache, light sensitivity the list goes on. I hate it with a vengeance.

  • Can't even eat right. Flare ups make it seem like you can't swallow or you're about to choke

  • I get that and pain in my eye, when it gets really bad I can't breath as it effects my lungs.

  • My eye stopped twitching. But my left side of my neck near collar bone twitches some times

  • Are you in pain with it ?

  • No just annoying and frightening cause it happens so randomly.

  • I see, well I suffer mass pain on the left side of my face and neck. You're lucky, the pain is something else I can tell you.

  • My only pain is pressure, stiffness, and shooting pains (sharp stabs)

  • Check out my new post I just wrote. I'm curious of your answer.

  • Well I use magnesium oil, it gets rid of the pain real quick and it's fairly cheap, although yours sounds much more just like tension. How did you get TMJ, mine was through injury.

  • No idea doctor just said I had it. I truly feel like it is just tension though. But I do know I can no longer touch my front teeth or close my teeth evenly.

  • I came in with really back next pain and tension and she said my jaw was out of alignment

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