Fingers crossed!!!

After well over a year of suffering with chest pain and a number of other horrible symptoms.. I think I have finally come to the agreement with my doctor that I do have health anxiety.. and omg how much better have I felt these last few days after admitting this to myself!

I've had months of being petrified to be on my own as something mite happen to me (heart attack) and no1 be around to help me...

months of dreading nighttime as i wud get into bed exhausted but lay wide awake for hours zoning in on all my pains thinking this is it , I need to call for an ambulance .....

I honestly thought no1 in the world felt the way I do.. but after joining this site... reading that others do feel jus like me and reading anxiety books I have started to feel a lot better!

I've hardly had any pain since Tuesday as if I've felt "an attack" coming on I've tried to convince myself that it's jus anxiety.. and it's not going to beat me! Rather than letting it control me and me getting into such a state I cud never see me being the real me ever agen .. I've controlled it!!!!!!

This is a massive start for me, I've avoided all dairy this week as I've found that upsets my digestive system which makes my anxiety worse .. and gone Bk to the gym!

I've kept my mind busy on other things and kept telling myself I can do this.. and I really have felt completely different!!!!

Fingers crossed this is a new start for me! Health anxiety is our mind convincing us we have an illness... I am now convincing my mind I am stronger than the lies it tries to tell me!!!!!!!!

Pain can not last forever! We will get better!!!!



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  • Music to my ears moan!! I too have been suffering with a setback from health anxiety, and I'm so glad you're doing better and telling yourself what it truly is. Sometimes it can be hard because I've been struggling with it lately. However I know it can be done, because I have overcame this once before!

  • Keep goin lovely xxxx

    I would never have thought changing my outlook on anxiety would of helped but it really does xx

    You can do this 😘😘😘😘

  • This has been me also! I spent a month being so afraid I'd just drop dead and no one would be around and my one year old would be left alone with my lifeless body. I dreaded being home alone with him. I had countless tests done which all came back normal. I can now focus on acceptance of this anxiety. So far the past two weeks I've been more myself than I have the past 3 months. Fingers crossed we are both on the right path to recovery :)

  • Yes babe!!!! This is fab news Xxx

    I'm the same I have a 3 year old, and I think a lot of my anxiety came too as I didn't want anything to happen to me and I leave my daughter! 😒

    But u know what... dragging her to a&e with me... different doctors appointments.. she's doesn't want to see me going they that either????!!!!!!

    So I'm doing it for her... I want to be at the park or taking her to parties and watching her enjoy life rather than thinking my mommy is always "not well"

    Life is too short! Don't let it control us xxxxx

  • I agree! I've spent so much time away from my son running around going to different appointments or being in the ER for hours. I feel bad that he's had to be stuck at home with me bc I was not well enough to take him anywhere. Good thing they are small and hopefully won't remember any of this! We have to keep fighting the good fight for them :)

  • Xxxx sounds silly when u read it and think about what we have been doing but at the time it's so scary and real isn't it!!! We will get thru it tho xxxx

  • Thanks made my day I'm currently fighting with my thoughts

  • Come on Fran!!!!!

    Stay occupied.. tell yourself these are not real feelings when they start! It's jus a feeling being created by our minds! Your stronger than that feeling!!!


  • How u feeling now Fran? Xx

  • Yay - you've turned the corner!! Onwards and upwards πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  • Totally 😻😻😻😻😻

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