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I've been in an " anxiety rut" lately. Since January, 5 hospital visits, 3 urgent care and numerous dr visits. I see my dr more then most my family. Lastnight when to urgent care and er for woozy feeling and chest pains. Did X-rays, ekg and blood work. Nothing's wrong with me. I still feel the wooziness a little bit and even though I got great results back from my heart, I feel like something is still wrong with it. Dr thinks the " wooziness" is my anxiety. I take Ativan once in awhile and see a therapist again starting Wednesday. Hoping talking to someone gives me some relief. I've felt like a zombie all day.


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  • Hi, I am going through something similar. Its unconfirmed as PTSD Anxiety but what helps me when I have these 'episodes' is.. well two things actually. If you're a gamer like me, play a game that requires a high level of concentration. That works the best for me. What I am trying to do more often though is a breathing exercise this is something I've made up myself and I am not a doctor but it works pretty well on me. Breathe through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it in for 4 seconds and then release through your mouth for 4 seconds. Really focus on your breathing and do that until you feel at least semi relaxed. After that do something you enjoy or requires concentration. Cook, watch tv, play a game etc.

    Good luck and don't forget you're not alone!

  • Thanks for your input. I don't game,other then the occasional candy crush. 😀 Normally,I do try and find things to do but out of these last few months, these past two days have been the worst. I don't think i have ever been this bad. Had family over for Easter and I wasn't very social, I almost felt scared to because of this " wooziness" I have been experiencing. Everyone was out playing and I sat on the porch and watched. Usually I am all for running around and playing with kids. It's weird because it started with a dull headache on Friday, which shouldn't be a big deal but with health anxieties, I think more into it than someone without the anxieties. Then I guess I noticed the " wooziness" happen. I've been just so focused on that so much. My mom always says " don't you think all these issues are just in your head?" Drives me crazy that people think that's all it is. I really can't help if I need to go to the er. I will try out your breathing technique, maybe I can get some relief from that.

  • I honestly regret everything I said before, I used to be just like your mum saying "its just in your head, anxiety is nothing" etc etc. Having it is a whole other ballgame. I have been so antisocial the last 4 months. My crash which caused this happened on 4th January. Regarding your wooziness and focusing on it, I find that focusing on my attacks or feelings related to it makes it worse as well. I just wrote a long post in this thread and at the beginning of it I was having a minor attack and by the end it had almost settled. Thats why I play a game during an 'episode' as taking my mind off it usually helps. How about try beating your high score on Candy Crush ;D

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